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The long strict regulations in France with regards to the advertising of several products have been affected by the sudden gush of advertising laws. The Crypto branding of Formula1 (F1) and its competitors’ is reportedly being affected by crypto laws, which appear to be spreading like lightning.
The crypto-related commercials during the French Grand Prix of Formula One, an annual auto race event drawing millions of viewers and investors, were either hidden or entirely eliminated.
In Formula 1 terms, crypto products are actually the sport’s ‘new tobacco’. The products are controversial, the brands are full of cash, have restricted worldwide advertising stages, and tolled with the high living pictures of F1.
Similar to what many people in France and elsewhere are discovering, the promotion of these items is not only proving to be increasingly aimed, but the related rules are also incredibly lax.
Due to ambiguous French advertising laws, the crypto-related advertisements were taken off the Alpha Romeo, Alpha Tauri, and Alpine vehicles as well as the drivers’ clothes.
Eight of the ten competing teams have some form of relationship with crypto companies. As a result, Alpha Romeo deleted the Vault and Floki Inu (FLOKI) coin emblems from the crypto lender. Fantom’s ads were removed by Alpha Tauri, while Binance adverts were ultimately hidden by Alpine.
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Since July 2021, Crypto.com has grown to be one of the Formula1’s largest global partners. However, their advertisements were not present throughout the race over the weekend. 
The business offered a statement saying “Crypto.com decided they would not be exercising their branding rights for this race. But it remains F1’s global partner and we expect such rights to be leveraged in other ways at future races.” 
The elimination of such adverts comes just days after the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) announced its partnership with France’s Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority. 
Another difficulty is that the term ‘crypto’ covers different products, in particular virtual currencies, exchanging stages and virtual wallets. Depending on product and target markets, certain products are enrolled with AMF, others are anticipating approval, yet others fall outside the AMF’s extension. Hence, the gigantic disarray, with teams and sponsors generally erring on the side of caution. 
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