Napa Valley based wine NFT club delves into web 3.0 with first NFT drop alongside legendary wine brands
Robert Craig Winery and Goosecross amongst 25 wine brands partnered with Cuvée Collective to launch NFTs available now
26th July 2022 [California, USA]: Innovative Napa Valley based wine NFT members club, Cuvée Collective, has released its first collection of exclusive NFTs, titled ‘The Collector’, partnering with iconic Napa Valley wine brands including Massican and Arcudi. The Collector is available for pre-sale now [released Monday 25th July] with the public sale releasing tomorrow [Wednesday 27th July] on the Cuvée Collective website, enabling purchasers to become founding community players in the first cohort of the members club. Cuvée Collective is extending the legacy and luxury of wine collecting, sitting at the heart of wine and web3.0 and representing the future of digital and physical wine experiences.

Cuvée Collective, founded by CEO Andrew Allison, brings two unique industries together,  a dedicated community of wine and crypto connoisseurs. Partnering with 25 iconic wine brands including Robert Craig, Goosecross, Massican, Schug Winery and Arcudi Wines anchors Cuvée Collective in exclusivity, while offering the wineries a new digital channel to target younger audiences. The new wine NFT club is bringing wine collecting into the digital space with its NFT launch to encourage a digital future for the drinks industry. Exclusive benefits give members and NFT investors access to off-menu products and experiences, including private tastings, after parties and concerts. The NFTs also provide access to unique wine allocation for each brand, and a premier personal chauffeur service. 
Andrew Allison, CEO and Founder said:“Cuvée Collective has been developed to provide exclusive opportunities for both the wine and NFT industry. Growing up in Napa Valley and developing a deep understanding of the wine industry, my plan for Cuvée Collective is to add a new dimension to the wine collecting experience by expanding the benefits that come with the luxury of wine. We are thrilled to be partnering with a long list of exclusive wineries as well as Flow blockchain to provide our community with the best opportunities in the industry. We look forward to our members experiencing all that Cuvée Collective and the unique wine world of Napa Valley has to offer.” 
Cuvée Collective’s first NFT collection is a VIP membership that gives exclusive access to the closed Cuvée Collective app, opportunity to enter giveaways and events and exclusive access to each released wine NFT, 24 hours before the public. The branded wine NFTs will be dropped weekly to the community with plans to release Vineyard NFTs in Q4 this year. The Collector, Cuvée Collective’s first collection now in pre-sale, is priced at $129-179 per NFT with an exclusive limit of three NFTs per wallet each drop. With only 4,000 NFTs in total, 500 of these are reserved for wine industry workers, ensuring a seamless entry point to the industry for wine connoisseurs who might be new to blockchain. 
Elton Slone, CEO of Robert Craig Winery stated: “As technology comes in, our biggest question has been how do we maintain the romance of wine? Generation Z should want to come to Napa Valley, experience the wine, the beautiful scenery and the story behind it all. NFTs are a way to bring that experience to new people and give them ownership of that experience and I think they can definitely be used to narrate the story of wine. I’m excited to see what sort of wider audiences these NFTs will attract to the wine industry, and exactly what sort of benefits will make them keen to invest in wine NFTs.” 
Cuvée Collective is working with Dapper Labs on the technology behind the platform using the Flow blockchain. Flow is renowned as the leading blockchain platform for NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day and Crypto Kitties. Helping to pave the way for sustainability within the blockchain industry, Flow’s process of minting NFTs uses less energy than a Google search. Also a core value for Cuvée Collective, the team is working with Kevin Wilhelm, CEO of Sustainable Business Consulting and a pillar in the sustainability community, to put a long-term sustainability strategy in place. Kevin has also been a guest on Cuvée Collective’s Wine in Web3 podcast, hosted by Kelly Vero, a renowned metaverse and NFT expert. Each episode of the podcast aims to educate the community on the web3.0 space and provide an insight into the wine industry. Kelly has worked in the technology, fashion, music, entertainment and games industry for the last 30 years and discusses how the NFT and wine industries can work in tandem and coexist, with exemplary guests from each industry.
Cuvée Collective aims to inspire the wine industry with innovation and technology, through the digital era. With the exclusive wine NFT members club now releasing its first NFT drop, Cuvée Collective is looking to the future of wine NFTs.
Find out more about Cuvée Collective and the launch of its exclusive NFTs here: 

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