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The concept of cryptocurrencies has been warmly welcomed by merchants. Some merchants are happily accepting cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies. So, we can say that there should be a reliable way to transfer cryptocurrencies. A reliable crypto payment is necessary these days. There are several cryptocurrency payment gateways for accepting crypto payments. But Coinremitter offers some extraordinary features as well as affordable charges to prove itself the best crypto payment gateway of 2022.
Know more about Coinremitter
Coinremitter is a step towards the growing crypto world. It is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that provides services for receiving crypto payments. Coinremitter contains some fantastic features and merchants using Coinremitter are loving them. Those features are attractive enough to insist merchants for trying Coinremitter. So, Coinremitter can be a one stop solution for receiving online payment of cryptocurrencies.
What does Coinremitter offer?
Coinremitter offers a bunch of exciting features that can be helpful to merchants. Coinremitter processes flawless crypto transactions with the lowest withdrawal fees ever. It offers fast and secure crypto transactions without charging any monthly fees (conditional).
What does Coinremitter provide with the free plan?
Merchants can get some services for free from Coinremitter. Coinremitter’s free plan includes email/chat/telephonic support, API access (100 requests/min), free support (for limited hours), lowest ever withdrawal fees of 0.23% and 500 addresses/wallet.
How Special is the paid plan?
Coinremitter has introduced a paid plan for those who want to pay and enjoy premium services. Though withdrawal fees remain the same in both plans, it provides unlimited addresses/wallet and 24×7 free support. Merchants having a paid plan can get early access to the latest features of Coinremitter. The increased limit of API access is 500 requests/min is kind of exclusive in the paid plan.
How much does Coinremitter charge for its paid plan?
Coinremitter charges Just $99.99/month for its paid plan which includes unlimited address per waller. As shown above, Coinremitter provides some extraordinary services with its paid plan. All those features can be helpful to the market giants who want to use Coinremitter on regular basis.
Why should you trust Coinremitter?
Coinremitter’s large customer base is a reflection of our trustworthy services. Coinremitter is said to have whopping 33,000+ active members. We can assume the level of trust merchants have in Coinremitter from this number. Achieving this is not everyone’s cup of tea. But Coinremitter has achieved this feat with its extraordinary services. And we can say that one can easily trust Coinremitter for receiving crypto payments.
It can be your daily driver too!
Market giants who can accept cryptocurrencies can consider Coinremitter as their daily driver. Coinremitter is more affordable than other available crypto payment gateways. It also provides some services for free, that other gateways don’t. Withdrawal fees on Coinremitter are so low that merchants can save more and more on their earnings.
Is there any risk?
Team Coinremitter works hard on privacy and security. Transactions on Coinremitter are fast and anonymous. Therefore, it prevents third parties from taking interest in ongoing transactions and other activities. They are time-saving as well. Therefore, merchants can rely on Coinremitter for accepting crypto payments safely.
One can easily conclude that Coinremitter has all the bells and whistles. It can process crypto transactions very safely and securely. Also, the withdrawal fees are extremely low (probably the lowest) on Coinremitter. It means that Coinremitter isn’t much hard on merchants’ pockets. By seeing its performance and services, one can say that Coinremitter can stand out in every aspect, or we can call it the best payment gateway of 2022.
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