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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SFLMaven Corp. (OTC Pink: SFLM), (“SFLMaven” or the “Company”) (www.sflmaven.com), a leading provider of high-end luxury goods and Metaverse jewelry company, announces it has filed a provisional patent to develop ground-breaking technology to allow NFT’s to have a graphical interface that tells others the NFT has significant value.  Not unlike today, when we see someone wearing an expensive piece of jewelry, and we know instantly it is costly or that the wearable piece has real value.
SFLMaven Patent Filing and Technology Explained (Video)
The mega revenue gaming business developed the word “Skins” for what you wear in the metaverse.  Since then, the fashion industry has embraced the term Meta Fashion as the world enters the metaverse, and clothing, jewelry, and art NFTs are sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. What’s even more of a possibility; the patent-pending technology of SFL Maven might allow the company to apply this same technology to other NFT items of the metaverse, such as art, clothing, and other goods. The market size of the meta fashion industry is projected to reach $50M+ in 2022, with many experts suggesting the metaverse itself will become a trillion-dollar industry in the future. SFL Maven may become a significant force in this tremendously growing market as an early adopter of innovative technology.
As announced, the company has formed a committee to explore the possibility of proprietary and exceptional technologies to enhance its mission in the metaverse space. Now, the company begins rounds of talk with designers, technology experts, and even potential joint venture technology companies.
CEO Joseph Ladin said: “This is truly exciting.  We knew being the first metaverse jewelry store was a big deal.  But to develop new technology that could allow us to show people the real value of what they bought, even show it off, is what selling jewelry for fun is all about.  And, we think this will possibly spread beyond our store and jewelry to perhaps be licensable with other NFTs and brands”.
Look for additional press releases with more details in the coming weeks and months.
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