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NFTs are digital ownership tokens. These tokens work on blockchains that support smart contracts like Ethereum. This post is all about what is FLUF World NFT. NFT’s non-fungibility is just like real-world contracts, where users can’t trade one contract for another. The logic behind this is that the “authentic content” varies from each other. Let’s take a look at it in more detail. Let’s take a look at what is FLUF world NFT
With #Burrows flying off the #FLUFWorld real-estate market in anticipation of mycelium on the way, here's a look through the peak of our collection.
The Studio @SnoopDogg has everything you need to live the high life in the #OpenMetaverse 🔥🍃
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According to its website, FLUF world is a “metaverse ecosystem of NFT character collectibles and a global, creative community.” FLUFs are a pool of 10,000 striking, 3D-animated rabbits existing as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. These special NFTs are programmatically created by utilizing 270 features distributed across 14 various types and three phases of separation. 
They are additionally configured by their articulation, background, dance, and soundtrack. The brains behind these three-dimensional NFTs are Non-Fungible Labs, a New Zealand-based crypto firm. Each NFT has a completely animated background and its utility is much more. Each rabbit contains his animated appearances, dance steps, and background theme. And with its omnipresence and the symbol it has placed on the NFT world, many are putting them in the same category as Bored Ape Yacht Club.
Initially, it was founded at 0.09ETH, it wasn’t long before people began seeing the massive art and exertion put behind the NFTs. Due to the kick increased by the creative aspect of these NFTS, their price climbed to 0.5 ETH, and shortly afterward, the most infrequent among these 3D Rabbits touched 25 ETH. In a short period that massive influence increased the capital of Fluf World NFT to 24 million US dollars. But what makes these NFTs remarkable is the commercial license that the NFT fanatics achieve after holding one Rabbit. Non-Fungible Labs have delivered total sovereignty to the users to utilize the tokens. This innovative space, mated with the innovative nuance that already lives in Fluf World is creating a storm within the NFT world.
One of the unique characteristics of Fluf World is the characteristic definitions. The developers of the project have created a page where they have described the qualities that each one of these collectibles offers. Some of the most prominent traits among them are as follows:
Fluf World NFTs are kept as ERC- 721-based tokens on the blockchain. Designed by Non-Fungible Labs, in collaboration with Centrality, this NFT has creative sentiments behind it. 
Fluf World came into reality via the Non-Fungible Lab’s wish to form a collection of Metaverse-ready personalities that will permit the community to entertain intelligently with the Metaverse. While the architects were encouraged by the affections of BAYC, they were required to take a distinct strategy – one that could put them on the fast track to the Metaverse. And as an effect, Metaverse-ready Flufs came. Being modular in structure, Flufs will acquire more attributes in forthcoming updates. These new attributes will additionally improve the brand’s pervasiveness in the world. Placing community at the fore, Aaron MacDonald, one of the Co-founders of Fluf World has stated that it is the vigor of that community driving Fluf World to unique horizons.
Fluf World NFTs offer a whole of 270 attributes distributed over 14 categories. These categories are as follows:
This wide variety of traits gives each NFT a truly unique aspect.
The fluf world includes 10,000 3D animated rabbits on the blockchain. The fluf can be used as an avatar in a virtual world, to trade, collect, breed, and produce derivatives.
The very first step is to have a digital wallet like Metamask. Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that permits users to hold and interact with Ethereum-based assets. You can install the wallet as an extension on your browser. Likewise, you can also choose to have the wallet as an application on your smartphone. With this wallet, users can transmit to Ethereum addresses. Before sharing or receiving an NFT, you need a Metamask wallet. Read this and follow the steps.
Now the next step is to buy some Ethereum. You can buy Ethereum instantly via your Metamask wallet. Simply click ‘Buy’ in the Metamask wallet, then choose your selected payment gateway like Wyre.
Buy Ethereum Using Metamask Image Source: FLUFWORLD

Next, select your desired amount, pay by Credit Card, and in a simple straightforward clicks, you’ll have some ETH in your wallet.
Amount: Image Source: FLUFWORLD
Now, go to Opensea through their website or the official Fluf website and click on ‘Buy’ from the menu.
Image Source: FLUFWORLD
Next, connect your wallet by clicking the circle icon at the top of the page, then clicking the Metamask, or selected wallet.
Image Source: FLUFWORLD
Next, you will be in the Fluf NFT world and you can buy anything. 
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