For those of us who fantasize about owning property in Southern California, imagine submitting an offer on your dream home and being able to move in the very next day. It’s now a possibility, according to Newport Beach real estate mogul Brian Liberto—if you happen to have assets in crypto, that is. Brian Liberto Kings Road
With his revolutionary approach to home buying via approved cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Stablecoin, Liberto has coined his own “Click Click Close” method, which involves technology that can review and approve a buyer’s offer and complete the transaction digitally within 24 hours. “The buyer can go online and approve the terms with one click. Then, I confirm with one click, they send their crypto and we can close it all in one day,” says Liberto. “You can have the keys and move in the next day. How convenient would that be?”
Born and raised in Orange County, Liberto—the self-proclaimed King of Kings Road—is now marketing the first $11,995,000 house in the United States available exclusively for purchase via cryptocurrency. This will mark his sixth property in the Newport Beach neighborhood, after five record-breaking sales on the aforementioned Kings Road, which is known for its high property values and sweeping oceanfront views.
According to Liberto, the laid-back Newport Beach lifestyle is the biggest draw that has been attracting potential buyers from both near and far. “An influx of people are coming to Orange County for the lifestyle and the safety,” he explains. “You can surf and ski on the same day. In Newport, you’re five minutes to the bay, to the beach, to the freeway, and it’s one of the safest cities in Orange County.”
Liberto’s latest property, which was purchased, designed, built, financed and marketed all by local Newport Beach businesses, boasts over 6,400 square feet and six-car parking with panoramic views from two levels. The open floor-plan home is newly refurbished with contemporary details in a modern craftsman style—“modcod” as Liberto affectionately calls it—and will hit the market on July 20 in conjunction with a series of local events for brokers and community members (a percentage of the proceeds are going to Newport Harbor High School). The property can be minted on the Blockchain as a non-fungible token, better known as NFT, providing its new owner the same security as a virtual asset; think of it as a piece of digital artwork. Brian Liberto Kings Road
“You’re going to see the world change and start [creating NFTs] out of all kinds of assets like cars and jewelry, but right now, there’s a big push towards real estate,” Liberto explains.
Technology can also transfer any type of digital currency, such as Etherium or Dogecoin, into Bitcoin for those who have a diverse crypto portfolio to work with.
“When people have a lot of crypto and they’re not using that asset to buy anything, it becomes a dead asset,” Liberto explains. “If you have $1 million in crypto right now, what can you do with it? You could cash it all out, or you could buy a home with it. The future is now.”
Brian Liberto
1010 Kings Rd
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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