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H.E. Mr. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, reassured in a global staff meeting on July 7 that Poloniex will continue to thrive with strong capital as well as stable networks even in the market downturns and it will also phase in the launches of the new trading system and other products as planned.
Poloniex’s business has not been affected by the ‘Black Swan’ event due to its sound operations and risk management strategy,” Justin said online during the monthly all-hands meeting.
Even if the crypto market is bearish, Justin stressed that Poloniex hasn’t used high leverage trading thanks to its strong capital and he believed that Poloniex is able to navigate any risks with a 100% risk reserve. Therefore, the current situation has no impact on Poloniex and he is still very optimistic about the prospects of the crypto industry.
With several products including the new trading system in the pipeline for later this year, Justin ensured that Poloniex’s operations remain unchanged and it will continue to recruit more talents globally to optimize its product features and services.
Launched in January 2014, Poloniex is one of the world’s top 25 cryptocurrency exchanges, and it has witnessed many ups and downs over the course of eight years.
In spite of the crashes, redundancy and hire freezing in the crypto industry, the current situation doesn’t affect Poloniex’s development and direction with the goal of doubling headcount in 2022 as well as expanding its cohort continuously in the second half of the year.
Striving for excellence, Poloniex will continue to recruit people of a higher calibre to produce incredible products and services for customers and the ongoing talent acquisition proves that Poloniex is one of the strong players in the industry.
The adversity doesn’t deter Poloniex and it becomes stronger instead since all the third-tier players will be swept away in the market to create a better ecosystem, hence Poloniex will capitalize on the current situation to optimize and create different products and services for clients to satisfy their needs.
With the support of strong global teams, Poloniex will once again prove that it is the legendary crypto exchange in the world.
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