CEOWORLD magazineTop StoriesBig PictureThe First Crypto NFT/DeFi Ecosystem that Pays in Stablecoins is Enroute, Courtesy of Arsenal NFT and Founder Scott Kapun

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The founder of Arsenal NFT (ANFT), Scott ‘Kap’ Kapun, is set to make waves across the cryptocurrency, NFT and DeFi spaces when he is set to introduce the industry’s first-ever ecosystem for investors, one that will pay in stablecoins with payouts in USDC.e.
Kapun and his team, per the network-created DeFi applications, will see 100% of community profits dispersed to all holders of the platform’s ANFT native token. Got your attention yet?
The initiatives may seem like an impossible mountain to climb, but Kapun has the community and network to make it happen. The overall goal for all involved remains the same, the ecosystem thrives as the community expands, thus generating passive revenue streams for all ANFT native token holders.
How is it possible? Well, Arsenal NFT incorporates multiple smart contracts that operate within the ecosystem and engage the community. According to Kapun, “NFT’s that will be created, will now be born from community sentiment.” This is achieved through a unique community voting system, held on the ANFT page, in conjunction with its exclusive Discord channel.
All discussions and feedback across both the Discord threads and voting that takes place on, are logged and taken under serious consideration. The NFTs and DeFi applications are always chosen by the community as the ecosystem will never be forced (or motivated) to settle for just the NFTs that are currently trending.
You might be wondering, this all sounds great, but what does this all mean? Let us explain.
Said smart contracts, aka SPOILS OF WAR, tracks the stablecoin rewards for all holders of the ANFT native token. As a result, the community sees revenue distributed in USDC.e across the ecosystem. In fact, because funds are sent in USDC.e, they are immune to any possible price fluctuations, an important sticking point for Kapun and his platform, ArsenalNFT, who firmly believe that the community should be built on integrity, community engagement, trust and value.
“The more ANFT you hold the more you earn. Not only is ANFT a governance token but it also acts as an ‘IOU’ that correlates directly with the amount of profits that a holder is owed,” said Kapun. “The Arsenal NFT ecosystem utilizes a bonding system which offers shareholders  ANFT tokens at a premium, via the dAPP in exchange for USDC.e.”
Finally, the WAR CHEST is the vessel in which all ANFT community funds are appropriated, per the bonding app. 
An Ecosystem Like No Other
For investors in the ANFT ecosystem, the best course of action is to hold and earn. This is done in pure confidence as the distributed USDC.e is free of volatility and scams, while the ecosystem, itself, does not apply any unsustainable APYs or staking.
Having already seen exponential and continual growth, the ANFT DeFi community, as well as each and every individual within the network, has a say in what NFTs and DeFi applications are created, hence the aforementioned voting system. As previously stated, 100% of the community profits are sent to the SPOILS OF WAR, distributed on a 30-day cycle to investors, which is all based on the average holdings over that span. Some funds are also used to further expand the ANFT presence across other blockchain platforms and technologies too.
Kapun and Arsenal NFT have created a movement and the team is on pace to completely disrupt an otherwise fluctuating industry. It ultimately comes down to how the ecosystem operates in conjunction with its individual members, but the sky’s the limit for this company and it is just getting started.
About Scott ‘Kap’ Kapun
Scott ‘Kap’ Kapun is the creator, owner and project lead at Arsenal NFT. He has over eight years experience in network engineering and over a decade in cryptocurrencies. His goal is to change the way Crypto/Defi projects interact with their communities while providing the tools and groundwork for all who participate to earn passive income from the Arsenal NFT Ecosystem. For more information about please visit
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CEOWORLD magazineTop StoriesBig PictureThe First Crypto NFT/DeFi Ecosystem that Pays in Stablecoins is Enroute, Courtesy of Arsenal NFT and Founder Scott Kapun
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