Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Newsfile Corp. – July 11, 2022) – Dubai-based Fametive is launching a unique NFT marketplace that is curated for celebrities and their fanbase. The NFT marketplace will allow users to connect and socialize with their favourite celebrities and influencers.
Fametive NFT holders will get a chance to know their favourite celebrities and influencers better. Fametive provides access to exclusive real-life benefits, behind the scenes, and much more to its users. Additionally, this unique marketplace will bridge the gap between them as most of the Web2 pages make it difficult for both parties to connect due to high traffic.
The unique marketplace will become a holistic network, bridging influencers and celebrities with fans and holders of Fametive NFT, gaining accessibility to engage with their favourite users. Fametive believes in supporting growing talents. Thus, many new business opportunities are expected to emerge from within Fametive users.
“Our forum works as an exclusive system. Unlike other forums, users will not be able to upload suspicious content. Our Quality Management Team chooses the best of celebrities and influencers. In the near future, we plan to open the program for more emerging talents, therefore expanding the exclusive community of Fametive,” says Attila Lazar, COO of Fametive.
Fametive has exciting opportunities for both the buyers and the sellers of NFTs. The sellers on Fametive will benefit from plug-and-play benefits, as all that they should do is release content, and the remaining efforts, including coding, marketing, and an exclusive PR, will be covered by the platform.
The list of benefits offered by Fametive does not end here. The NFT Marketplace will provide access to exclusive events to their NFT holders wherein they can meet their favourite celebrities and influencers. No upfront payment is involved with sellers of NFT collections on Fametive hence it is 100% risk-free. Additionally, the sellers’ collections will be protected from potential forgeries as they’ll be certified by Fametive verification system.
According to the team of Fametive, the potential audience for the project is global, as the project titles are of interest to almost everyone, so it could quickly become an important market for buying and trading NFT.
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