New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s (NHMS) first foray into the world of NFTs is now available at, kicking off New England’s only NASCAR weekend.
Fans can purchase NHMS-themed NFTs via, Speedway Motorsports’ original digital marketplace for race fans. An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital collectible, such as an image or video, that is officially licensed and recorded on the blockchain to demonstrate proof of ownership.
NHMS’s full 2022 collection on includes the following scheduled drops:
“We’re excited to offer these new digital collectibles for the first time to every race fan who celebrates NASCAR’s only visit to New England here at ‘The Magic Mile,’” said New Hampshire Motor Speedway Executive Vice President and General Manager David McGrath. “Speedway Motorsports has led the charge on creating the first motorsports NFT marketplace, and we look forward to sharing our first collection of NFTs this week in advance of Sunday’s Ambetter 301.”
In partnership with GigLabs, Speedway Motorsports created, the original motorsports NFT marketplace, for race fans in 2021. is built on the environmentally-friendly Flow Blockchain, home of other leading sports NFT projects including NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY. is also linked with Dapper Wallet, which allows customers to conduct NFT business with credit cards as well as multiple currencies including popular cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Speedway Motorsports uses GigLab’s proprietary NFT Bridge platform to create and operate its NFT marketplace. NFT Bridge helps brands remove the complexity of smart contracts, blockchain integration, NFT design and management and event services. Visit for more details.
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