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The six-day stranding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal last March did something incredibly rare: it made regular people care about shipping, the means by which more than 80% of the world’s goods are transported
India June Inflation Elevated At 7% on Higher Food, Fuel Prices
India Central Bank Chief to Ensure Orderly Movement in Rupee
Ackman’s Record SPAC to Return Funds After Deal Hunt Fizzled
Rival to Jack Ma’s Ant Seeks Pre-IPO Funding at $3 Billion Value
Tencent Fails to Win Game Approval as Sector Concerns Persist
Libya’s Tripoli Government Tries to Oust State Oil Company Boss
Danube Bridge Blocked in Budapest in Protest Over Tax Proposal
Housing Costs Drive More People to Move Back In With Their Parents
Billionaire Zell Warns That Fed Needs to Break Inflation Mindset
Ex-Scientologist Mike Rinder Has Memoir Out in September
Singapore Now Has More Michelin Starred Dining Rooms Than Ever
Bill Ackman’s SPAC is Dead. Long Live the SPARC?
What It Would Take for Democrats to Dump Biden
Crispr for the Masses Gets a Little Closer to Reality
A Weight Loss Program by Any Other Name Is Still a Diet
The US Plan to Turn Israel’s Tech Industry Against China Is Working
WeChat Is China’s Most Beloved (and Feared) Surveillance Tool
Jill Biden Ridiculed for Comparing Latinos to Breakfast Tacos 
Hospitals Must Provide Abortions When Needed Post-Roe, HHS Says
Condoleezza Rice Joins Group Buying the Denver Broncos
Britain’s Next PM Likely to Have Weaker Commitment to Net-Zero
Is There Really a Big European Climate Backslide?
The Way We Work Has Changed. So Should Offices.
Will Los Angeles Join a Ban on New Gas Stations?
Thailand Plans $37 Billion Smart City to Support Industrial Hub
Is Crypto’s Volatility an Issue or an Asset? Depends Who You Ask
GameStop Launches Its NFT Marketplace Just as NFT Sales Dry Up
Celsius Repays $113 Million of Loans as Crypto Lender Fights Insolvency
The financial firm has made a big commitment to digital assets. But in a bear market, is that sustainable?

Jump Crypto burst onto the scene less than a year ago, with the appointment of a former intern named Kanav Kariya as its founding president. Within a few months, Jump Crypto found itself spending hundreds of millions of dollars bailing out market participants because of a major crypto hack, and having to navigate the collapse of the TerraUSD stablecoin. Undeterred by critics, Kariya believes that the market’s current volatility is the perfect time to double down. In this episode, you’ll hear from Bloomberg reporters Katherine Doherty and Yueqi Yang, who went to Chicago to visit Jump’s headquarters, and hear about what’s next for the firm. 
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