Alpha Prime Racing and Julia Landauer are proud to reveal the the No.45 Boss Beauties / GarageXYZ Chevrolet that Julia will be piloting in her NASCAR Xfinity Series debut. This scintillating pink and blue scheme carrying NFT Communities Boss Beauties and GarageXYZ, will first hit the track Friday for practice and qualifying at the 1-mile “Magic Mile”, at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. This sponsorship represents the pioneering relationship that Landauer and both brands have in bringing Web3 together with sports.
When the green flag drops Saturday afternoon, both brands will become the first NFT communities to sponsor a driver in NASCAR. Also represented on-board the No.45 Chevrolet with Landauer is Penta ESP, an electrical safety products manufacturer based in Charlotte, NC, and FrontRunner, a Web3 consulting company.
— Alpha Prime Racing —
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