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Every Spotify and Netflix user might once have thought about owning a free subscription. It would eliminate hours and hours of binge-watching TV shows. A web3 startup based in Croatia, Revuto, is bringing Subscription NFT for users at an undisclosed date. 10,000 lucky users will have a chance to get their hands on it.
Revuto, the web3 platform, will also roll out some more features other than membership. However, it is unknown what more the organization is going to offer users through NFTs. These tokens will slide out any extra charges folks have to pay for other services apart from the subscription.
A fun fact, these NFTs can be transferred from one user to another via a crypto exchange. In short, the owner will lose possession of a free subscription in case he sells it to another user. So, in a way, these subscription NFTs are not lifelong, as long as you are not willing to sell.
NFTs have different use cases apart from being an art. They can be utilized as in-game assets, like the Axies in the Axie Infinity game. Some of these digital collectibles offer rewards to their community members, like loyalty points, which enable folks to acquire premium services or items.
In 2021, the NFT sector was roaring at its peak. It surged by a whopping 21000%, catching everyone’s eye in the sector. Revotu’s initiative will attract more users into the space. Even though there will only be 10,000 people who will receive this privilege, more similar initiatives might emerge from the sector.
Exclusive membership in services is not a new idea in this space. Apart from streaming services, sports NFT allows the fans and holders of tokens to receive premium services. Like discounts on tickets for the game, going into the locker rooms for a certain timeframe, and meeting the players.
Revuto can disrupt the Theta Network if this idea becomes successful. Theta Network is believed to take over the streaming sector in the coming years, while taking other services like YoutTube, Netflix, and other streaming services. But it appears that the crypto ecosystem has to thrive more to become a success in this field.
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