Tokyo, Japan, July 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — We are a dynamic NFT project of the new generation, in which the implementation of the world’s first Gas counting mechanics with the help of Chainlink Oracles. With this phrase we begin our introduction.
Yet it is very difficult to fit the whole meaning of our project into just 1 sentence (imagine what a challenge it was to fill out our Twitter profile header).

We’re not about the money
Most nft projects offer collections for one and only one possible purpose: to make money. We want to give our collectors much more options, since the world is so diverse. In addition to a good and profitable investment, we offer quite tangible bonuses for using Gas.
Gas is a concept that an active crypto investor encounters on a daily basis. If you use your cryptocurrency every day, you don’t need to explain what a Gas is. Now imagine that every time this Gas will be used as a treat for your personal digital monster.
We wanted to create not just a collection, but something that could captivate and entertain. The world of crypto investing is a stressful environment where you have to constantly monitor the market, take risks and sometimes lose. And if you buy NFT GasMonster — you can get a little distracted by the robotic monster, watching it grow and change.
The competitive effect
We strongly believe that nft meaning is not just about pretty cards and reselling them. At least, we wouldn’t like to think that crypto art is only about that. We’ve seen a lot of projects that look like each other and we didn’t want to be just another “one of them”. We wanted to create something similar to a game, giving collectors a sense of competitive spirit.
And we have succeeded! Everyone can compete: who will have a cooler GasMonster? The thing is that the characters eventually transform from cute creatures to robotic warriors. Moreover, each warrior is unique, and different from the others, just like in life, even if we do a common cause, is it a ban on individuality? All of our Holders can compete to see who has the coolest monster.
Spoiler — the coolest warriors will have those who use Gas most often.
We really wanted to bring something new to the market. To be the first in something, to be original. And you know what? We will be the first NFT project on the market with Chainlink Oracles counting Gas.
In order to understand better: Oracles are data streams connecting Ethereum with information from the outside world. They will confirm the amount of Gas used by each Holder to allow the character to grow and eventually become a formidable robot.
Typically, Oracle consists of a smart contract and some standalone components. And they are often used as network APIs to query data in smart contracts. But in the function of transmitting information about wasted Gas, they will really be used for the first time. And it’s a revolutionary solution that makes the project unique.
The real value
Unlike some other projects (let’s not name them, we want to give collectors real, true value. Hype, marketing strategies, memes and trash talks are all very cool, but in our opinion, there must be something useful and labor-intensive behind it all, don’t you agree?
Of course, most expensive NFT has its own idea. And in the case of goblin town, their idea is something unusual, which is to break all canons: no roadmap and Discord, utility, complete anonymity. But then what? What do the holders get in a month, after everyone has had enough of the goblin mooing?
GasMonsters is not about a temporary and fast-moving hype. It’s about perspective and playing the game “for the long haul”. The acquisition of our NFT is just the beginning, because next we need to develop our monster, grow it, feed it to Gas and watch it robotize.
This project was created by the mother company called Consensus Base Inc.

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