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The future of our food resources depends on one small insect – the western honey bee, or Apis mellifera. Indeed, it is the most important agricultural pollinator on our planet, given that one third of our food supply depends directly on pollination from bees. This documentary tells the story of a worldwide ecological disaster that has been waiting to happen for several generations.
Femsa to Buy Valora for Up to $1.2 Billion, Expands in Europe
Sri Lanka Aims to Stop Money Printing as Inflation Nears 60%
Oxford University Takes Aim at Future Pandemic Threats
KKR-Backed Group Leads Bidding for $20 Billion Deutsche Telekom Arm
UK to Force Internet Companies to Curb Foreign ‘Disinformation’
China Slams NASA Chief Nelson as Race to the Moon Gets Heated
Macron and Lapid to Discuss Hezbollah Drones, Iran Nuclear Deal
Milleri Succeeds Billionaire Del Vecchio at Top of Holding
Michelin Names Nine New Value-for-Money Eateries in Singapore
Nimmo, Lindor Homer as First-place Mets Beat Reds 7-4
The Slowdown Story Comes With an Ugly Ending for Stocks
A Euro Warning Worth Heeding From Italy
Private Equity’s Woes Go Beyond the Deal Freeze
The Lottery Lawyer Won Their Trust, Then Lost Their Mega Millions
Gangs Are Fake-Killing People in India for Insurance Payouts
Sports Reporter by Day, Political Revolutionary by Night
WNBA Star Griner Pleads With Biden to Get Her Out of Russia
Person of Interest in July 4 Parade Shooting That Killed Six in Police Custody
BBC Confirms Six Complaints Against Hip Hop DJ Tim Westwood
South Africa’s 400 Abandoned Coal Mines Pose Deadly, Toxic Risk
Putin’s War Throws Crucial EU Vote on ‘Green’ Gas Into Doubt
Singapore’s Tiny Second Airport Eyes Future as a Flying Taxi Hub
Amazon to Swap Vans for Walking and e-Cargo Bikes in London
The Secret Sauce That’s Made Slutty Vegan a $100 Million Chain
Trading Dries Up on India Crypto Exchanges as New Tax Kicks In
Singapore Evaluates More Crypto Safeguards After Blowups
Tether Fails to Calm Jittery Nerves as Short Sellers Circle

The cost of buying Tether’s stablecoin USDT with Argentine pesos surged Saturday after Economy Minister Martin Guzman resigned
The resignation marked the biggest departure of President Alberto Fernandez’s government after infighting escalated within the ruling coalition. No replacement was immediately named.  


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