IPX has announced a partnership with CRIPCO, to expand IP-based NFT projects. Through the strategic business partnership with CRIPCO, IPX will not only mint NFTs based on IPs but also allow individual NFT holders to gain the opportunity to do their own IP business and generate revenue.
Digital IP platform company IPX, formerly known as LINE FRIENDS, announced that it has formed a strategic business partnership agreement with CRIPCO, the global blockchain and NFT company. The two companies will kickstart IPX’s NFT business, beginning with the iconic character IPs.
CRIPCO, a Singapore-based global blockchain, and NFT company promotes the overall value and utilization of IP-centered NFTs and provides a service of minting character IPs into NFTs for any holders to share and trade. On July 8th CRIPCO will list its IP3 token on FTX, one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges, and with its expertise will not only conduct IPX's IP-based NFT business but also facilitate NFT business partnership with world-renowned IP giants to grow its own portfolio in the NFT business.
Receiving investments from FTX Ventures, Solana Ventures, and others, CRIPCO plans to expand partnerships with famous cryptocurrency exchanges, and global venture capitals moving forward. Furthermore, major fashion and entertainment brands, metaverse platforms, social and cultural trendsetters, including IPX, Naver Z(ZEPETO), Fujiwara Hiroshi, James Fauntleroy and have participated in the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a community based on blockchain making all business-critical decisions on the future of CRIPCO.
IPX and CRIPCO will bring forward various types of NFT projects and facilitate organized relations between digital IP, DAO, and NFT market to allow anyone to own their IPs and generate revenue further establishing the vision of IP 3.0 Hub.
"IPX is excited to share our strategic partnership with CRIPCO, a company with blockchain and NFT technology expertise that has announced listing on leading global cryptocurrency exchange FTX, establishing its own unique NFT marketplace. Based on this partnership, both IPX and CRIPCO will offer a new path for IP-based NFT business going forward," said an IPX official.
"Upon listing our IP3 token on the globally famous cryptocurrency exchange FTX, CRIPCO will work alongside IPX through this partnership and with other competitive IP businesses to expand IP-based NFT projects and create a new digital IP NFT business model fitting in the IP 3.0 era," CRIPCO official concluded.
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