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NEW YORK (PRWEB) June 29, 2022
Just in time to help with investor uncertainty caused by the fall in cryptocurrency, Omnia Markets, Inc., a one-stop platform providing cryptocurrency-based data, proprietary and non-proprietary analytics, comprehensive and reliable industry market information and trends, is launching today.
The Version 1.0 platform fulfills the demand for increasingly cryptocurrency education including key information that is usually hard to find and never all on one site, such as the wash trading removed volume via the proprietary artificial intelligence “cleansing” algorithm. Omnia democratizes the industry, making data available to everyday investors, much of which is now only available to high income individuals on expensive terminals such as Bloomberg’s. These data include 180+ technical indicators, two AI/ML algorithms, access to the top actively traded coins , etc. The following is a breakdown:
1. One-of-a-kind platform: Omnia is democratizing features otherwise found in more expensive platforms for everyday investors and the community.
2. Value: Users are getting access to high-end features on a little-to-no-cost basis. These features are built from the ground up for the cryptocurrency industry to allow users to conduct in-depth analyses for their specific situations/investment criteria.
3. Education: Gets users on the same level of information access as more sophisticated investors that already have years of experience in conducting technical analysis. Omnia lays the basis for users to quickly understand what Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs, and Bitcoin all are, while also teaching them how to use each indicator offered. While not a replacement for higher education and online schools like Coursera/Khan Academy, users don't necessarily have to take years of study before they are able to start trading.
4. Vision: A.I./M.L. concepts – Since there is so much data floating around the industry, Omnia weeds out the noise and provides actionable information and data via its AI/ML algorithms. While the platform is starting with two algorithms, Omnia will quickly expand over the couple of years while also bolstering the currently available algorithms by including deep learning to allow them to grow and mature over time and become more reliable. Omnia Markets is also building a unique ML-based reporting system to allow each user to create their own customized research reports based on their own criteria–allowing them to get a tailored look at the industry and assist in their research and investment needs.
5. Industry Insights: Our global insights team will provide users with the latest information on the industry and specifically look at how these pieces of information are impacting specific coin prices and the industry as a whole.
Omnia Markets is currently self-funded but is setting up for Reg CF and other fundraisers. Its functionality has been growing exponentially, establishing pillars in the industry with insights integration and global framework implementation along the way.
“We’re excited to move our platform forward by going live and making our data and analysis available to anyone interested in cryptocurrency,” said Mitesh Shah, founder and CEO of Omnia. “Two-thirds of the value of cryptocurrency has been lost during the last few months. Omnia’s platform can help get investors back on track. We’re looking forward to improving and expanding our service as we increase users and visibility.”
Omnia Markets will offer multiple levels for memberships– basic and premium tier level services within the platform to better suit each user. All features of the site are available free to all users until subscription pricing is implemented at a later date. After which, a large portion of the analytical tools will still remain free to encourage and promote investors to do as much of their own research and analysis as possible.
Omnia Markets also announced today the appointment of Jason Fernandes to its Board of Advisors. He is an entrepreneur, blockchain speaker, and crypto analyst. As a teenager, Fernandes founded the internet portal ZeoCities.com, non-profit LDKids.org, and wrote for CHIP Magazine. Later, while studying at the University of Texas, Austin, Fernandes co-invented the world’s first legal Internet-based DVR, RecordTV, and was part of the founding team at PerceptiveI (a company that developed ECRM software for Fortune 500 clients).
In 2012, Fernandes was appointed monthly technology columnist for Indonesia’s GlobeAsia Magazine, and subsequently went on to found multiple award winning companies in the IOT/Blockchain space, most recently TokenJay.TV, a blockchain/cryptocurrency focused media outlet. A TEDx Speaker and ICOBench expert, Fernandes also speaks regularly on Blockchain/Cryptocurrency and has advised various international blockchain firms, political parties and state governments. He presently heads India Operations for XREX Inc.
For more information about Omnia Markets, please visit http://www.Omniamarketsinc.com.
About Omnia Markets, Inc.
Omnia Markets is a one-stop Artificial Intelligence platform providing expertise on financial analytics, trends, news, and information in the cryptocurrency industry.
The Company offers a decentralized cryptocurrency platform collecting, aggregating, and filtering information regarding crypto-companies and their coins. Creating the first A.I. cleansed database of cryptocurrencies available in the global market, the Company is addressing the concerns investors and consumers face by enabling them to effortlessly research crypto-companies and their coins. The Company provides the highest standards and proprietary analytical tools for investors and consumers to use when evaluating various cryptocurrencies.
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