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NFT New York City (NFT.NYC) organized a three-day conference that brought the NFT community together in NYC for debates, talks, and workshops through June 20-23, 2022. The program was glamorous and successful. However, it airdropped a virus to people.
Multiple sources have reported that many attendees have contracted the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) after the event. Many Twitter users share their testimonies about the situation, and there is a general call to everyone who attended the event to carry out the COVID test.
talked to 5 people today who got sick from covid too at NFT NYC & we were all partying at the same club thursday night make sure u get tested seems like it’s everywhere. 🦠🤒
— DRE (@THEGOONEEZ) June 27, 2022

Earlier on June 18, a verified user, Satvik Sethi, appealed to the public, saying those with covid or covid-like symptoms should, in the interest of everyone, not attend the NFT.NYC event. He added, “it doesn’t matter if you’re masking up or expect others to be vaccinated. immunocompromised people exist, and vaxxed people can still become carriers who could give it to their family members or local community members. be responsible and not selfish.”
We decided we wanted to give the community a voice, which remains one of our core values today.
NFT.NYC is the largest NFT conference in the world. This year’s event features more than 15,000 artists and enthusiasts and more than 1,500 speakers across multiple venues in the heart of New York. Jodee Rich, co-founder of NFT.NYC said he conceived the idea of starting NFT.NYC in 2018 while dining with Devin Finzer, co-founder and CEO at OpenSea.
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