OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Navigating the world of non-fungible tokens – better known as NFTs – is no simple feat. The process has been made easier for both artists and buyers thanks one local business – Local Art Plug.
“What we do is connect local artists, art lovers, with shared experiences, at in person events and even online in the virtual world as well, so we want to make art as accessible as possible to people and as easy to find as possible too,” says Art Plug founder Xavier Jackson.
Sunday afternoon, Art Plug held an NFT experience for artists and consumers at Millwork Commons, giving artists the chance to present their NFT work and sell physical pieces, too.
“We wanted to bring NFTs to the public in a non-invasive way, so open communication, make it really social, so what we’ve done is take a few local artists, help walk them through the minting process and get them on the block chain because we see that that’s the future of art as well as digital asset creation, and we’re here to kind of just guide people along the way from producer to consumer,” Jackson says.
Jackson created Art Plug to hold shows and connect artists to a challenging digital landscape, and help them connect to one another.
Michaela Bradley is one of those artists.
“Currently I am taking my first steps into the NFT world, so I have my first NFT posted here but also just exhibiting some of my favorite pieces,” she says.
Bradley has been a digital artist for years.
“I’ve always felt like digital art, that’s been the thing that has helped me stay in the art world, it’s always forward facing, it was always something that was a little new,” she says. “Digital art is not new, but it’s always kind of at the cutting edge because a lot of the time it requires other tech that’s cutting edge.”
Bradley says getting into the NFT landscape made sense.
“It only made sense that if I was using tech to make art, that I would just expand how I’m showing my artwork, and the venues that my art is displayed on, and it was just kind of my logical next step.”
Bradley says diving into the art world – and NFT world – is tough, but having local events and groups like the Art Plug make it far less daunting.
“Having a place where you can maybe dabble in new emerging technologies, or reach out to other folks that are like-minded, that has meant the world to me,” she says. “Because, it’s really easy as a digital artist and working online to feel like you’re shouting into the void, cause there’s so much going on on the internet all the time, and this has given me a way to not only step out locally with people I can physically reach but its also helped me get a little more confidence to see what other venues I can use to display and expand my artwork.”
Jackson says helping local artists achieve their goals and reach new limits, helps him achieve his.
“There’s not very many opportunities for emerging people or people getting started who want to dabble into the digital space, there are digital artists, but not too many shows, so we came in and filled in that gap and given them the opportunity and platform to showcase what they’ve got,” he says. “I love it, it gets me out of bed everyday.”
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