Hyderabad: With the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency, the scams related to it are also increasing. Many people including Hyderabadis are falling prey to the scams.
Some fraudsters are launching websites to convince investors to transfer funds by offering them lucrative returns.
Unable to resist the high returns, many are transferring thousands and sometimes lakhs of rupees to fraudsters.
In one such case, a degree girl student Kammagoni Deepika from Hyderabad lost over Rs. 1.9 lakh in the scam.
As per a TOI report, Deepika received a friend request on Instagram from id ‘natasha_Smith_4444’ on June 11. The one who sent the request introduced herself as Natasha, a binary trader and bitcoin consultant with Certified Trader Investment Options Trading.
During the conversation online, Natasha convinced Deepika to invest in the bitcoin trade by promising a huge profit.
As soon as, she got convinced, Natasha asked her to transfer funds to various UPI IDs. Then she requested Deepika’s WhatsApp number and sent a wallet ID on the messaging app.
Soon, Deepika received a mail asking her to transfer $2000 as tax and a fee for releasing profit. When she said that she don’t have money to transfer, the fraudster blocked her both on Instagram and WhatsApp.
After realizing that she become a victim of the scam, she approached cyber crime cell to lodge a complaint on June 18.
TOI quoted Cyberabad cyber crime police officials saying that two such cases are being reported every week.
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