Support Social and Environmental Missions Through NFTs
LONDON (PRWEB) June 23, 2022
Built on Stellar’s Blockchain technology and utilising Layer 2 Smart Contracts, thebluemarble.io provides royalty payment systems that allow NFT creators such as Artists to split sales revenues with the social causes they’d like to support, in addition to lifetime royalties every time their work is traded.
The Blue Marble’s approach hinges around long term investing through NFTs, with off the shelf legal and financial tools being provided such as dividend payment services for investors in sustainability projects.
Steve Walker, CEO says: “As the sun sets on the first wave of NFTs in digital art, we’re working to bring the next generation of NFTs to market. We believe that NFTs provide accessibility to smaller investors previously excluded from the investing world, and can simultaneously inject much needed financial support into long-term social and environmental projects”
He continues, “When I look at what this technology can do, we’ve just scraped the surface. Not only do we enrich creatives, but the use of NFTs to provide fractionalised ownership and rights to physical assets opens up a new generation of investments that aligns financial return of investment with positive impact. That is our mission.”
The Blue Marble, while underpinned by an open access service whereby any creator can publish and promote their own campaign, provides a number of services such as curated drops with creators, social enterprises and buyers, as well as legal support and advice to large scale impact projects.
Accessibility is at the forefront of the brand as The Blue Marble aims to provide onboarding to the non-technical into the NFT crypto space with standard ecommerce purchase experiences, as well as thought leadership, education and knowledge sharing around the ways in which NFTs can be used with long term value in mind.
The concerns around the environmental impact of blockchain are removed thanks to the efficiency of the Stellar network. “Not only have Stellar committed to being carbon neutral, but they are back paying back their historical carbon footprint of the network since 2015. Stellar has pretty well the highest volume of transactions out of all the blockchains, yet only uses the equivalent of 33.7 households electricity consumption per year. A Stellar transaction uses much less energy than a single Visa transaction.” concludes Steve.
The Blue Marble's first Curated drop is now available – working with NFT Artist Sir Cheesely to raise funds for nonprofit the OvaryIt Foundation, a platform to promote women's health and education. The campaign features a series of female silhouette images and buyers will access utility including membership and education materials, see https://thebluemarble.io/p/drop1 for more details.
“We are excited to team with Blue Marble and an amazing artist to shine a light on domestic violence and human-trafficking. These funds will get individuals access to vital care.”- Mary Kucek, the founder, and CEO of OvaryIt.
The Blue Marble team is keen to talk to social enterprises and nonprofits looking to build new systems that can protect natural and community assets through NFTs. Equally, if you’re an Artist interested in creating NFTs and supporting a good cause, The Blue Marble team can assist.
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