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New York, June 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cartoon Themed NFTs.-The Fun Bunch.
Mariam Marks Fungible Bunch is an NFT project based on an upcoming YouTube Cartoon Series, The Fun Bunch. The initial collection titled ‘Artistic Goat,’ comprising 2222 unique NFTs, will be available for minting on July 26th, 2022, at a base price of 0.8 ETH, which is anticipated to increase over time exponentially. 
The term NFT was viral over electronic media not long ago. As the world of decentralized finance continues to change the whole discourse of the finance system, there is a visible power shift from centralized finance. As a result, NFTs have risen in popularity yet again. For readers who are unfamiliar with NFTs, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It can be difficult to explain what NFT is exactly. NFT is a unique, irreplaceable token. An NFT can be traded with other NFTs. NFTs are the way of the future. In addition, the popularity of cartoon-themed NFTs has skyrocketed, and people love them. Fungible Bunch by Mariam Marks is the newest addition to the world of cartoon-themed NFTs.

The project developer is Mariam Marks, a rising social media influencer with over 3.9 million TikTok followers and rapidly expanding across all social media platforms. She is well-known for her hilarious and creative facepaint videos, which her followers love and adore. Mariam Marks uniquely creates each Artistic Goat NFT from the collection. Check out her YouTube channel here: Mariam Marks YouTube Channel. The NFT collection is based on her upcoming Facepaint Cartoon series on YouTube and her most popular videos with whopping 22 million+ views. She shared: ‘I am an artist, writer and entertainer. I have a passion for laughter and joy. Heavily influenced by cartoons as a child I have taken ideas that were there in my subconscious and brought them to life by painting them on my face! I am happy to be turning attention to NFT art and build an NFT community in which there will be fun, love and laughter.’ Watch her talk about the NFT project: New NFT project! Come join my Discord! Mariam Marks.
The four-phase project will have four different NFT collections comprising 8888 unique NFTs. This first phase will inaugurate the mint of the NFT collection. 9 of the ‘Legendary Artistic Goats,’ 9 in the collection, will receive a 30-60 second custom video NFT from Mariam Marks valued at $5000.00 USD. The project’s second phase will begin with the launch of the ‘Smug Unicorn’ NFT collection, which is expected later this year. The third and fourth phases of the project will begin with the launch of the ‘Chubby Chipmunk’ and ‘Mariam Punks’ collections, respectively. With such contrasting themes and a range of collections, Mariam Marks Fungible Bunch is certainly an exciting addition to the world of decentralized finance. 
Mariam Marks Fungible Bunch is a community-driven project dedicated to giving back to the community. A share of 10% from the sale of the ‘Artistic Goats’ collection will go to Heifer, a charity giving families in need goats to sustain themselves throughout the year. Mariam Marks Fungible Bunch seems to be a people-oriented project dedicated to providing for the community. 
Once minted, holders can view their Mariam Marks Fungible Bunch on Opensea. Join the Discord to learn more about the project and get whitelisted! Early adopters are eligible for a custom video with an NFT purchase. 
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