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Although cryptocurrency has grown into a trillion-dollar industry, there are still many projects that dominate the market with no actual use case. The approach used for Xchange Monster, on the other hand, is considerably different. Xchange Monster retains the knowledge to resolve industry issues that have affected the growth of Gamefi.
The aim is to serve as a one-stop platform for developers and the gaming community. Xchange Monster (MXCH) offers new, unique features including an exchange platform, and a decentralised payment gateway. MXCH is the native token that powers the ecosystem with utilities for the community and developers.
The first feature is the Monster wallet app, making it easy for users to monitor their in-game assets. Users can store NFTs and cryptocurrencies while having best-in-class security. In-game assets can be swapped, while payments can be received in cash. Aside from that, transaction fees on Monster Wallet are lower than the industry average, making it a cheaper crypto platform.
The next feature is the Monster NFT marketplace. NFTs are not available for purchase on a crypto exchange, and can only be traded online. The NFT Marketplace is developed to list the best and most up-to-date NFTs in the market.
This NFT Marketplace will allow the gaming community to collect, discover and sell NFTs.
The NFTs Marketplace has a unique value proposition that can link the marketplace with the Monster Wallet, enabling storage and trading without transaction fees.
Beyond the NFT marketplace and Monster wallet app, users can also trade cryptocurrencies through its sophisticated trading tools. The Monster Exchange will serve as an interactive platform for both buyers and sellers of crypto. Operators can list their coins on the Monster Exchange, and they’ll be readily available in the Monster Wallet.
All Monster Xchanges products and services are fully regulated by one of the most trusted and recognised regulators in Switzerland, FINMA. In-game assets of the gaming community are safe and secured. Fostering a sense of trust between the user and the platform.
An intriguing feature of Xchange Monsters (MXCH) services is the Monster. A payment gateway is needed to support payments on Xchange Monster. The team has introduced a decentralised payment gateway allowing operators to accept in-game currencies, and other coins listed on the platform. Monster Pay also serves as a fiat payment method so users can pay with credit cards, PayPal, etc. These payments can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies through a licensed Exchange.
Xchange monster has a strong team behind the project, all members are fully DOXXED and verifiable online. Ably led by Felix Honigwachs, An experienced technology entrepreneur with strong experience in the blockchain industry. It is worth mentioning that the team all come from high-profile backgrounds, working with global players such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Siemens.
Xchange Monster (MXCH) seems to have everything in place that a decentralised gaming ecosystem would need to thrive. Always remember to research thoroughly before making a purchase!
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