Hoo boy, did we ever get a game last night! After a couple of blowouts in Games Two and Three, the Avs and Lightning treated us to a second overtime finish in the Stanley Cup Final. And there was drama!
KADRI. AVS WIN IT IN OT 🔥 pic.twitter.com/F0Td2o7ZMx
"You’re gonna see what I mean when you see the winning goal. My heart breaks for the players because we probably still should be playing.”

Jon Cooper only took one question post-game, and was clearly not happy about the Avalanche's OT winning goal. pic.twitter.com/g6DAwp475i
Here’s the video from @SportsCenter pic.twitter.com/rqwMmIJcZD
Lightning had too many men on go-ahead goal. Barry Trotz after seeing replay: "Seven f**king guys. There's seven guys on the ice. On the f**king goal. It's right there." pic.twitter.com/CsLyoNq9c6
Patrick Kane’s phone blew up Wednesday night after the delayed OT celebration in the Stanley Cup final. Oh yeah, Kane sure saw the similarities from his goal 12 years ago. On Nazem Kadri’s OT heroics and certainly some controversy, too.
My piece:
The NHL and NFTs — Why the league has officially entered the digital collectible marketplace

“I think it’s fair to say that this is one of the largest licensing deals we’ve done in league history.”

Updating the NHL Coaching Carouselhttps://t.co/ZzHwtHLcU9 pic.twitter.com/Fzae19vPcc
#Blackhawks Announce Completion of Hockey Operations Leadership Grouphttps://t.co/UtuUdWgqwC pic.twitter.com/ZdAZCxiAsK
Every vote. Every award. Every error and omission.

When it comes to voting on #NHLAwards, @ThePHWA is proud to show our work in the spirit of full transparency. Our people and our process get it right, year after year.

Here are our 2022 ballots:https://t.co/O5Arz2wS0E
Where Does Trade Interest in Coby White Stand With Draft Night Looming?https://t.co/5JHjYfJyPi pic.twitter.com/c8NfZNOz57
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