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Singapore, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rh!noX represents an NFT collection drawn from a unique algorithm and ideology, which has propelled its success in the present tumultuous market. Associating itself with the Web3 space and principles, it unites players, architects, and gamers across a digital space powered by DeFi, GameFi, and Web3. The project is an ambitious one with a long way yet to go in its expansion. However, amidst a confused market, Rh!noX provides the users with a promising investment opportunity.

For those who do not know, Rh!noX comprises 10,000 unique NFTs, with categories such as accessories, facial features, backgrounds, and more. It exists in Web3, and users who have been a part of the project from the start have booked lucrative profits. 
Currently, Rh!noX’s NFTs have increased to a value of 900 BUSD, which is almost double their opening price. As an exclusive part of the Binance NFT marketplace, the project successfully sold its 1300 listed NFTs, showing the high liquidity of the project amidst the overall upward growth of the NFT market. 
The project has been prominent on the radar of enthusiasts; it sold out 8000 pieces within just five hours in a Dutch auction at a price of 9 BNX. Following the subscription mechanism on Binance Sale, the project sold 1000 unique NFT pieces at 7 BNX. These sales mount up to $10 million USD, one of the highest amounts issued across the Binance NFT Market.
Rh!noX is a valuable asset on the BNB Chain. The founders across the project have an intuitive vision for the project’s future, building up artistic value in the NFT market while also embedding GameFi value and drawing new stakeholders into the ecosystem. By applying Web3 concepts to its existing system, the project allows users to use their Rh!noX avatar on different GameFi and DeFi applications across the BNB Chain. This is gained as a credit in the form of the Soulbound token, the official token of the project.
An investment in Rh!noX will not only grant users value in the form of an NFT; it will yield many other applications and systems for enhancing stature. Thanks to the artistic sense of the developers, the richness of the NFTs have been acknowledged through positive reviews across the community. With the extensive list of benefits offered by the project, it is evident that Rh!noX can look forward to changing the NFT market and the Web3 space accompanying it.
About Rh!noX
Rh!noX, from “Rhinos,” showcases a unique collection of NFT art based on a unique algorithmic structure. The project intends to move into the GameFi industry and bring further value to DeFi and Web3 users. It anchors key principles of the digital ecosystem with diverse utility.
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