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Rh!noX, a project based on digital Rhinos, offers a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs with an eye toward design and numerous utilities. With a unique algorithm and a dose of originality, Rh!noX transcends similar NFT projects without significant utility. Instead, it is challenging the paradigms of NFTs, the metaverse, and the former’s integration with the gaming industry.
To do that, Rh!noX is integrating with the DeFi and GameFi industries. Rh!noX envisions benefitting from the GameFi model, which, combined with its artistic merit, gives it strong value across the Web3 space. Recognizing the potential for excellence offered by this innovation, Rh!noX has made substantial investment growth. To garner the attention of the gaming industry, it has rallied two major platforms to market its NFTs.
Binance NFT currently offers a final selling price of 7 BNX for each NFT in the collection, whereas Rh!noX NFT.pro offers a price of 9 BNX. The numbers are approximately 900 BUSD more than the collection’s opening prices, meaning the pieces have almost doubled in value to date. These numbers should give a sense of confidence to those gamers and NFT enthusiasts who wish to become part of Rh!noX and its journey.
The founder of Rh!noX has an impressive vision for the project’s future and its association with GameFi. As it draws on the concepts of the Web3 space and introduces different applications, it will continue to strengthen its ties with the gaming community. With an eye toward the growth of the project, Rh!noX is exploring a new credit system for users. Rh!noX NFTs will be available through various GameFi and DeFi applications across the BNB Chain in the form of avatars; when used, they will be credited in the form of Soulbound Token, the official token of the Rh!noX project.
To implement this system in the existing gaming industry, Rh!noX intends to develop a professional on-chain behavioral analysis system, which will entail grading every Soulbound Token and making data accessible for other end-users and projects. This would create multiple benefits that would have a direct impact on the existing gaming community and the GameFi industry.
With a credit system integrated across the ecosystem, one based on the NFT holders’ historical behavior, different tokens and future NFT airdrops would be built across the BNB chain. Rh!noX thus not only benefits its holders but everyone on the chain, helping them build value through various means. This vision is a clear point of distinction for the project. Its sales report further indicates solid numbers, with Rh!noX selling out 8000 pieces in a Dutch auction at 9 BNX. 
Rh!noX is officially one of the most promising projects that will continue to impress with its many utilities for the gaming industry. Now is an optimal time for gamers and NFT enthusiasts to make a bet on the project and help it build a stronger and more dedicated community in the ecosystem.
About Rh!noX
Rh!noX, from “Rhinos,” showcases a unique collection of NFT art based on a unique algorithmic structure. The project intends to move into the GameFi industry and bring further value to DeFi and Web3 users. It anchors key principles of the digital ecosystem with diverse utility.
Social handles
Official website: https://www.rhinoxnft.pro/
BinaryX website: https://www.binaryx.pro/#/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RhinoX_NFT
Medium: https://medium.com/@pfp_53805
Discord: http://discord.gg/rhinox
BinanceNFT: https://www.binance.com/en/nft/event/binaryx
Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.
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