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With a decades-long track record of making space a profitable business, Luxembourg is betting big on everything from space resources, satellites and training the next generation of space entrepreneurs.
Russian Hackers Also Focused on US and NATO Since Invasion
Revlon Extends Rally to 800% From Low as Retail Traders Pile In
Gorillas Turns Focus to Profitability After Market Stutters
Shopify Taps Twitter to Boost Merchants’ Social Media Reach
Ofcom CEO Says Twitter Trolls Make Site a Miserable Experience
EU Leaders Plan to Grant War-Torn Ukraine Candidate Status
Reckitt Formula Maker Sale Spurs Senate Call for DOJ Inquiry
Goldman Sachs Plans Office Tower in Dallas for 5,000 Employees
Buy Now, Pay Later Is Exploding in Popularity as Experts Warn of Overspending Risks
Fishing Feud At End of the World Split US And UK Over Russia
Ravens Linebacker Jaylon Ferguson Dies At Age 26
Dismay Is Overblown About Imbalanced Inventories
Can Trump Be Tied to His Allies’ Violent Intimidation?
Trump’s Attempted Coup Failed, But at What Cost?
The NBA Turns to Africa to Fuel Basketball’s Next Era of Growth
LVMH Has a Younger Arnault Working on Its Makeover of Tiffany’s
Emmanuel Macron Wants to Pay Workers a Dividend
Congress Alleges Commanders Owner Dan Snyder Conducted a ‘Shadow’ Probe
NFL Asks Court to Move Black Coaches’ Racism Suit to Arbitration
Senators Ask Powell to Alter Fed-Pick Process to Boost Diversity
Fishing Feud At End of the World Split US And UK Over Russia
Maps Show How Climate Change Influences Today’s Temperatures Across the US
How the New York Loft Reclaimed Industrial Grit as Urban Luxury
White House Hopes New Funding Will Deter Clearing Homeless Encampments
NYC Jails Report Second Death in Two Days as Safety Calls Mount
Once-Dull Crypto Strategies Are Now Shining in the Bear Market
Bitcoin Is Leading Indicator of Stock-Market Bottom, Mobius Says
Binance.US Starts Zero-Fee Trading for Bitcoin in Pricing War

Investing in the future of the crypto industry doesn’t need to require buying digital currencies, according to a PGIM executive. 
Investors should focus on the so-called picks and shovels of the crypto arena, who are helping to build out the industry’s infrastructure, Taimur Hyat, PGIM chief operating officer, said. While speculative traders may be able to turn a quick profit, there’s not a long-term case for buying actual cryptocurrencies, which Hyat says are highly correlated with equities and offer no portfolio diversification benefits. 


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