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NYC media/entertainment company Launch Inc has announced W3BSTOCK, the world’s first real-life music festival entity powered by blockchain technology, owned and curated by NFT holders, and governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO.
The first W3BSTOCK event, Genesis NYC, will kick off on Monday, June 20th at the Blue Building in Manhattan during the 4th annual NFT.NYC conference. The party will feature live music from rapper DAP The Contract, funk powerhouse DJ Logic, and established artists in the Web3 space Dyl, Violetta Zironi, Nifty Sax, Josh Savage, and Moneyytree. The even will also include a VIP NFT tastemaker gallery featuring The Alien Boy NFT, MetaFans, Crypto Cannabis Club, CryptoBroskis, and other creators, plus an open bar, interactive NFT kiosks, and more.
With the explosive recent popularity of NFTs fueling more volatile online investment activity than real-life human interaction, W3BSTOCK founders Brian Stollery, Ty and Dylan Fleischut, and Darian Mongiovi sought to bridge this gap by creating an innovative NFT project with lasting utility for community members, leveraging blockchain and web3 technology to facilitate the creation of ever-evolving live music, entertainment, and event production organization.
Every NFT from the Genesis collection of 500 grants two tickets and voting rights to every event the DAO produces. NFT ownership offers lifetime utility including free entrance, merchandise, preferred and VIP accommodations, direct voting on programming decisions, and other perks at W3BSTOCK and partner events.
New events, community discussions, and utility offerings are shared in W3BSTOCK’s Discord server, its virtual festival headquarters.
“As long as the NFT space is rampant with projects with zero utility, there will never be wider adoption to harness the power of this technology to make the world a better place,” says Brian Stollery, W3BSTOCK Founder, Launch CEO and NFT.NYC Speaker. “By uniting the brilliant artists and thought leaders throughout the fledgling music NFT space into a DAO, W3BSTOCK is demonstrating the potential of NFTs to elevate culture and entertainment as a whole.”
Following NFT.NYC, the project plans to launch a larger second mint, using treasury funds to activate W3BSTOCK events at Art Basel l Miami and NFT | LA, host W3BSTOCK produced events spreading live entertainment and education at schools, and create a multi-day music and arts camping festival during Summer 2023, all funded, curated and driven by community-suggested ideas and offerings.
Built on decades of live music and event production expertise by alumni from Relix Magazine, Brooklyn Bowl, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and Burning Man, W3BSTOCK is a first-of-its-kind, community-owned, long term, constantly evolving music festival and entertainment production entity.
The genesis tokens are priced at .06 $ETH (approx. $80 USD at the time of writing) and available on the standard Ethereum or carbon-neutral Polygon blockchain network. Honoring the project’s commitment to a future in which cryptocurrency and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive, every W3bStock NFT sold plants about 700 trees thanks to partner nonprofit Trees For The Future.
W3BSTOCK Genesis NYC is on Monday, June 20th from 4:00 p.m. ET until late at the Blue Building in Manhattan, and streaming live in the Metaverse via, and is free with any W3BSTOCK NFT or $40 USD for anyone unfamiliar with the space, highlighting the project’s goals toward Web3 onboarding and education.
Learn more, mint a token, buy tickets, or access the livestream at Follow on Twitter and Instagram @w3bstock.

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