LUMBERTON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tribe Quokka will be hitting New York City for NFT.NYC June 20-23, 2022, exhibiting at the massive NFT event and celebrating with two Tribe Quokka community-only events as Tribe Quokka continues its bold inaugural year takeover.

Tribe Quokka is nominated for an NFT.NYC award for “Best Onboarding Experience for New NFT Users” for its hands-on education, mentorship and abundant resources presented to its community of users throughout 2022.
Tribe Quokka is also launching its “Legends Series” collection in tandem with the event. There are 100 one-of-one NFT artworks representing the greatest quokkas in human history. Half of them will be airdropped to existing members for free in a raffle and an additional 50 are being offered in a week-long auction starting Friday, June 17, 2022, at 6:00pm EST.
Earlier this year, Tribe Quokka’s Genesis Collection of 8,000 NFTs sold out in 56 minutes, positioning the NFT collection for a launch valuation of over $1.5 million in its friendly rivalry with the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
“As the NFT space expands, the opportunity to build communities capable of bringing enriched value to the metaverse is right now. Tribe Quokka is positioning itself to become a leading creator in the web3 culture and community-owned entertainment space,’ reports Brett Summerville, Head Quokka at Haka Labs, LLC, the company that brought Tribe Quokka to life earlier this year. Brett further shared the “why” behind their company, which is “Making the unknown known, to enrich the lives of our Tribe.”
Leading Tribe Quokka under the pseudonym of Dr. Dick Doofus, Summerville and the co-founders are positioning Tribe Quokka to be a leader in the NFT market which is forecasted to grow to a $147 billion by 2026. “We are excited to showcase Tribe Quokka at NFT.NYC because it’s a great opportunity for us to share our brand outside of our community,” Summerville reports. “We are a very unique NFT project in terms of the story we’re telling and the way in which we’ve developed our community in-real-life and online.”
About NFT.NYC 2022
Each year, NFT.NYC brings together the global NFT community of Brands, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Gamers, Artists, Investors, Collectors, and Enthusiasts. The 2022 event will be hosted across seven venues in Times Square, including the iconic Radio City Music Hall. Other NFT.NYC venues include New York Marriott Marquis (Tribe Quokka); Palladium Times Square, The Edison Ballroom; The Edison Rooftop; The Town Hall and Margaritaville Resort Times Square. Since its inaugural conference in February 2019, NFT.NYC has hosted events for thousands of attendees that feature the leading speakers and best projects in the Non-Fungible Token ecosystem. Visit
About Haka Labs
Haka Labs is the creator of Tribe Quokka. Tribe Quokka is a limited collection of 8,000 NFTs deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Its community comprises a blended mix of long-time enthusiasts with those that are just beginning their journeys into the vast NFT space. Tribe Quokka’s premise is rooted in a friendly “false flag” operation that makes it seem like “those boring apes” of the BAYC fired the opening salvo and attacked Tribe Quokka. For more information on Haka Labs visit or email Follow on Twitter @TribeQuokka. Visit to view the Tribe Quokka Genesis Collection and to view the Legends Series Collection.
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