Creator of Baby Shark to Release Baby Shark: Collection No. 2, a 10K Generative Collectible Project
Going Live this Summer, The New Collection Will Introduce a Number of Special Traits and Attributes to the World’s Favorite Shark Family.
SEOUL, South Korea, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Pinkfong Company, the global entertainment company behind the pop culture phenomenon “Baby Shark”, has announced that they will be diving even deeper into NFTs with the release of Baby Shark: Collection No. 2, the first-ever generative art collection of 10,000 unique NFTs featuring Baby Shark and his family, on MakersPlace, the premiere marketplace for digital collectibles.
With the world’s most viewed video in YouTube history, Pinkfong’s Baby Shark has grown into the most iconic earworm to emerge from the internet, recording a 20-week streak on the Billboard Hot 100 while its music video became the first video to hit 10 billion views on YouTube.
Baby Shark: Collection No. 2 is the latest in the company’s commitment to NFTs and Web3. Baby Shark’s initial NFT collection, Baby Shark: Collection No. 1, launched in December 2021, was an instant sell-out. Now, following their successful foray into the waters of NFTs, the company will release its second collection centered around strengthening and expanding the global Baby Shark community, both on and offline. Adopting the generative art style, each of the unique NFT pieces from Baby Shark: Collection No. 2 will be featured 10,000 variations which are randomly generated by computer algorithms.
With music serving as the pulse of Baby Shark, the company has plans to introduce a number of surprise remixes with notable musicians in the future. The project will also reward their community with unique perks, including special gifts and access to exclusive events and social activations.
“The new generative NFT collection is designed to expand the Baby Shark community and allow us to connect with fans. We’re thrilled about this project, as it is a key step in our roadmap to growing Baby Shark’s presence and providing new forms of engagement and entertainment on metaverse and beyond.” – Bin Jeong, CEO of Pinkfong USA
“Baby Shark has made its mark across generations and geographies. As early brand pioneers in the NFT space, they have displayed a true innovative spirit allowing for an even deeper appreciation and engagement from their massive fan base. It is an honor for MakersPlace to be a part of Baby Shark’s journey as they strengthen their impact both on and off the chain.” – Craig Palmer, CEO of MakersPlace
Baby Shark: Collection No. 2 is set to launch on MakersPlace this summer. For more information, visit
About The Pinkfong Company
The Pinkfong Company is a global entertainment company that delivers content and entertaining experiences around the world. Driven by award-winning brands and IPs, the company has created and distributed a range of content across genres and formats including original animated series, world live tours, interactive games, and more. Believing in the power of entertaining and engaging content, The Pinkfong Company is committed to connecting people around the world and bringing joy and inspiration to worldwide audiences of all ages. For more information, please visit the website or follow the company on LinkedIn.
About MakersPlace
MakersPlace is the premier NFT marketplace for digital art. Launched in 2018, MakersPlace utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate the sale of authentic, original digital artwork, ensuring rarity and ownership for both creators and collectors. MakersPlace has emphasized accessibility since its inception, and has attracted a large mainstream audience as the first NFT marketplace to accept both cryptocurrency (ETH) and non-cryptocurrency (USD) payments, which it facilitates through crypto wallet and credit card transactions, respectively. MakersPlace helped catapult digital art and NFTs onto the global stage, with the historic sale of Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days for $69.3 million in partnership with Christie’s auction house in March 2021 – the record price for any digital artwork. Our mission is simple: to enable a vibrant future for digital creativity.
Natalie Kim, Communications manager at The Pinkfong Company
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