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Brazil’s Bolsonaro Says Congress Will Investigate Petrobras
Macau Warns of High Covid Risk After Preliminary Community Case
Aerojet CEO’s Board Candidates Backed by ISS in Proxy Fight
Payment Technology Company Paya to Explore Sale
Rogers, Shaw to Sell Mobile Unit to Quebecor for $2.2 Billion
Congo’s M23 Rebels Plan to Take Trading Hub Goma, UN Report Says
Biden Says He and China’s Xi to Talk ‘Soon,’ Weighing Tariffs
America’s Top 1% Lose $1.5 Trillion on Stocks Before Bear Market
Gold Billionaire to Moonlight as DJ at Sold-Out Cairo Club
Naomi Osaka Won’t Play at Wimbledon, Citing Achilles Tendon
US Open Updates: Zalatoris Makes Move, -2 Through 4 Holes
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Extra Fees Are Adding Insult to Consumers’ Injury
Why Is It So Hard to Find a Decent Public Bathroom?
Adults Who Love Toys? The Toy Industry Loves Them, Too
ESPN’s NHL Deal Shows Broadcasters a New Way to Profit From Sports Rights
America’s Convention Center Kings Want You Wearing Lanyards Again
‘Banking While Black’ Is the Next Target for Civil Rights Lawyer
NYC Mayor Adams Allocates $6.7 Million Toward LGBTQ Social Services
A Quarter of All Abortion Clinics Would Close in US If Roe Is Overturned
ESG Funds Resist Worst of Downturn But Investors Are Spooked
Yellowstone Flooding Rebuild Could Take Years, Cost Billions
The Museum Seeking to Unlock a War-Hit Nation’s Mineral Wealth
Rikers Jail Replacement Plan Pits Chinatown Against New York City
Without Commuters, US Transit Agencies Are Running Out of Options
DeFi Platform MakerDAO Pauses Some Aave-Related Lending Activity
Memories of Bitcoin-Beating Returns Keep Hex Holders Hanging On
Musk Signals ‘Maybe More Down the Road’ for Dogecoin After Merch
Also banker chats, pre-MBA hiring and bond market liquidity.

One thing that has happened is that the prices of risky cryptocurrencies have gone down. Bitcoin traded above $40,000 two months ago; today it got close to $20,000. Ethereum went from $3,000ish to $1,100ish. The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, “which topped $3 trillion in November, dropped below $1 trillion.”
In the abstract, this is just fine. Extremely speculative people had extremely speculative positions in extremely speculative assets, and the prices went up a lot, and then they went down a lot. Some gamblers made some money and then they lost some money; that’s how gambling works. People who put their life savings into Bitcoin should be told, very firmly, that they should not have done that; that was wrong, and now they know. Also though they still have like half of their life savings. If you put your life savings in the S&P 500 you haven’t had a great year either.


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