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NEW YORK, June 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fifteen,  an NFT art gallery, web3 hub, and artist co-working space, is proud to present Reclaim, a new art exhibit running on June 24 at the Fifteen gallery, located in the heart of Soho at 76 Wooster St, New York. 
Reclaim features the compelling photos of four young women, including Alena Frolova, Beatriz Santana, Ella Petrushko, and Elena Azzaro. The photos are printed on stretched canvas and are accompanied by an NFT as digital certificates and proof of ownership.     
The exhibition is intended to empower women and serve as a platform to share their stories through their reclaimed photographs. 
The project was inspired by the fact that we live in a world where individuals have no agency over the use of their own likeness. Given the current state of copyright laws, models often have no rights or control over the photographs taken of them and then used for profit. 
Reclaim makes a statement against this convoluted system, allowing these women to take back control of their imagery and portray their stories through artwork.
Hosted by the Reclaim’s models, this intimate show promises to be one of the most exclusive events during NFT.NYC week, with a guest list of highly curated invitees. Only 100 tickets are available to the public. Ticket cost starts at 1 ETH and can be purchased at reclaimnftnyc or here . All artwork and NFTs in the collection will be auctioned online.
In continued efforts to enact social change, Fifteen will also be donating 15% of the event proceeds to a non-profit dedicated to women’s health and reproductive rights.
Exhibition Info: 
Reclaim will run on June 24, from 7pm. to 11pm. The gallery is located at 76 Wooster St in New York City’s Soho neighborhood. For additional info about the exhibit and the gallery, visit 15.art or email info@15.art 
About Fifteen
Fifteen is an artist community, NFT art gallery, web3 hub, and co-working space that fosters the new generation of digital creativity. The space is intended to open a door to the metaverse, blurring the lines between the physical and digital spheres of art and influence. It provides a unique platform for artists to express themselves, own the rights of their expressions, and create new channels of value.
With the power of smart contracts, a new paradigm of artist ownership is emerging. Provenance, royalties, and history are programmed, changing the landscape of how artists control the ownership of their intellectual property. The first entity of its kind, Fifteen is on a mission to bring artists together and evolve digital creativity to a sustainable form.
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