In 2016, in DC Comics, Green Arrow writer Ben Percy revealed in Green Arrow Rebirth #1 that on the DC Earth, Lex Luthor owned the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
Of course, that was well before everything went insane in regard to cryptocurrencies. Hey, for the DC Universe, should they not be called Krypto currencies? And should this one be Kryto The Super-Dogecoin? Anyway, a reference returned to Lexcoin returned last year in Justice League Incarnate #1 which referenced current cryptocurrency trends.
But maybe Lex Luther is not the villain in the DC Universe to dabble in cryptocurrency? Tomorrow’s Batman: Urban Legends #16 from Mark Russell and Karl Mostert sees a new player on the scene.
Clowncoin joining Lexcoin on the crypto stakes. I wonder what the penalties are if either go down in value? And while DC Comics doesn’t have their own cryptocurrency, given recent moves it can really only be a matter of time… Bleeding Cool leaked the letter sent to DC Comics freelancers last night regarding the use of NFT non-fungible tokens for selling artwork containing DC Comics characters, after one artist made almost two million dollars from his Wonder Woman art. Basically, it read a) we have our own NFT plans for DC Comics characters and b) so you had better not have yours. And Veve Collectibles have minted their licensed NFT line of DC Comics Batman Black & White collectable figures, courtesy of DC Direct, only for the app to crash, leaving many disappointed customers trying to get a Jim Lee Nightwing.
(W) Various (A) Various (CA) Derrick Chew
Written By Vita Ayala, Mark Russell, Che Grayson, and Josh Trujillo Art By Nikola Cizmesija, Karl Mostert, Serg Acuna, and Rosi Kampe Batman and Zatanna stand up against the curse they’ve been facing throughout their whole relationship! Ace and his Super-Pet compatriots make their last stand. Will the new Birds of Prey crumble because of their lack of trust in each other? And we go back in time for a Batman and Alfred team-up story where Alfred’s taking the lead on the action!
Retail: $7.99 In-Store Date: 06/14/2022
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