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In the past few months, we have seen many amazing innovations emerging and becoming trendy in the NFT field: PFP NFTs relighted with new stories, Utility-enabled Proof Collective NFT under huge hype, Metaverse Lands NFTs endeavored with the new world.
Surely, the NFT market is booming and prospering. Even though the overall volume of NFT sales declined in 2022, many big names are getting to lay out their NFT business.
Lately in April, KuCoin, a leading global cryptocurrency trading platform, announced that its venture capital arm KuCoin Ventures and KuCoin NFT Marketplace-Windvane launched a $100 million “Creators Fund” to support and incubate the early-stage NFT projects.
Several days ago, Windvane just announced its first NFT Launchpad Project is incoming!
Inspired by many outstanding animation stories and the dream of placing an inclusive and diverse utopia, Zzoopers comes into appearance.
Zzoopers Genesis is a collection of Ethereum-based 5555 unique animal avatars with 10 different species. 3D voxel style highlights the cuteness of animals, and gives each species its own peculiarity and storyline in each metaverse. An exciting journey or an immersive “Role Play” gaming. More details are available on the website: https://www.zzoopers.xyz/.
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Experiencing an unrestrained second life in the metaverse that is different from the real world is one of the main reasons why people are keen on it.  As you travel across multiple metaverses, you may want to have some forms of digital identity to express yourself in the virtual worlds. Zzoopers is exactly the kind of cross-metaverse avatar for this purpose: as MetaOasis DAO partners with more projects, the Zzoopers avatars will become available in more and more different metaverses. With the uniqueness and the many vivid animal characters available in the Zzoopers avatars, it certainly is not hard to find just the right avatar to represent yourself in the metaverse.
As the project moves forward, exclusive airdrops will facilitate your cross-metaverse journeys. If you hold more than one Zzoopers NFT, some miracles may happen between them and surprise you. In short, Zzoopers will provide you an opportunity to have fun and earn!
Some metaverse projects, such as The Sandbox, have fired up the value of virtual lands, and have achieved some remarkable results. MetaOasis DAO, the team that created Zzoopers in collaboration with Season Studio, holds a vision to start a new paradigm of investment and development of metaverse assets.
As the project is still in an early stage, MetaOasis DAO keeps a low key on marketing, although they have been contributing to the ecosystem of the metaverse lands since the first day they were born. So far, MetaOasis DAO has purchased 64 lands and 9 lands are under construction. All these lands, and the lands that will be bought in the future, are the core assets of MetaOasis DAO, and have tremendous potential to be extracted from future developments.
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If you have a glance of their community, you will see a group of passionate people sharing their insights about the blueprint of metaverse lands. MetaOasis DAO strives to realize every member’s dream: enjoy a diversified investment exposure and benefit from the value created from the land development.
Windvane is a brand new decentralized NFT marketplace powered by KuCoin. It provides NFT mint, trade, management, storing, and many other services. KuCoin NFT Marketplace – Windvane aims to create a comprehensive and highly compatible platform that will openly support mainstream NFT blockchains, allowing everyone to select all NFTs on KuCoin cross-chain aggregator and one-stop shopping for the world’s top NFTs at Windvane.
Zzoopers Genesis is a collection of unique 3D voxel anthropomorphic animal avatars with different species and personalities, created by MetaOasis DAO and Season Studio that enables the community to unlock unlimited possibilities in the multi-metaverse world. 
One of the first DAO projects with a special focus on Metaverse Assets (Land/NFT/Token) Investment and Development.
MetaOasis DAO aims to become a gateway to facilitate investment and creativity into metaverse assets and offers a more accessible means to invest, develop and collaborate ideas on community-owned metaverse assets.
DAO’s first headquarter is located on a 3×3 estate in TSB: The City Oasis, which aims to provide a combination of intriguing backstory, fun gameplay, social hub and stylish architectural design to visitors. 

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