Born on November 26, 1992, Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago is a Puerto Rican rapper who goes by the stage name Anuel AA. His music frequently includes samples and the incorporation of popular songs from his adolescence.
Anuel AA began recording music at the age of fourteen and started publishing it online four years later in 2010. He later signed to Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group’s Latin division, where he significantly grew his music brand. His 2016 mixtape “Real Hasta la Muerte” was well-received. Anuel AA produced his debut album and his music grew in popularity.
Anuel AA draws his musical inspiration from other top talents as he idolizes the likes of Tupac Shakur, which is evident in terms of his jewelry. “My music is my soul speaking, literally. There are a lot of emotions and a lot of pain in it. It’s based on my experiences growing up in the streets,” Anuel AA explains.
His music has racked up millions of streams and views, catching the attention of American rapper Rick Ross, who signed him to his record label after he released “Real Hasta La Muerte,” which earned raving reviews. 
Anuel’s father and Jofre Cruz of Entertainment Architects brought in Future Media’s Duquan Brown and Carrie Lyn of The Creative House to develop Anuel’s NFT collection. This group will be in charge of Anuel’s NFT launch. While most people are unfamiliar with the NFT business, their team consists of no-nonsense professionals who will carefully leverage their resources and marketing tactics to produce excellent results for future NFT holders.
Anuel believes that being one of the first Latin artists to launch an NFT collection will offer tangible assets and unique real-life experiences such as limited-edition items, access to record release parties, studio visits, listening sessions, etc.
He also insists that the upcoming community will be tied into his upcoming new music and tour. 5% of the project will go to Anuel’s non-profit in perpetuity as he looks forward to contributing to the growth of the next generation through his philanthropic deeds.
To everyone else working hard to bring their dreams to life, Anuel’s advice is to keep fighting and never give up regardless of your situation. Challenges are meant to be part of the journey, and it’s only the strong-willed who get to cross the finish line.


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