Users Take Part in Josh’s Journey to the Top and Access Memorabilia Items
BOSTON & MORRISTOWN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Metabilia, a memorabilia and NFT company operating at the forefront of physical and digital collectibles, is pleased to announce the drop date of June 9, 2022 for Josh Allen NFTs exclusively on DraftKings Marketplace. “Membership NFTs” for Josh Allen will allow fans to chronicle his career and have access to exclusive memorabilia items.

“On the heels of our successful baseball drop and initial community build, we are pleased to deliver a top quarterback to lead our football offering,” Joseph A. De Perio, CEO of Metabilia.
Owners of a Josh Allen Member NFT will get airdropped Event NFTs commemorating achievements in Josh’s career as long as they own the Member NFT. Owners will also have access to purchase exclusive memorabilia items listed on Metabilia will also be issuing limited edition NFTs to benefit charitable causes designated by Mr. Allen.
“I am excited about partnering with Metabilia and DraftKings Marketplace. The best is yet to come in my career and sharing it with my fans is important to me,” said Josh Allen.
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About Metabilia
I Got It Holdings Corporation (dba Metabilia) is a technology company devoted to providing best-in-class software solutions to support partners in their pursuit to increase fan engagement and drive revenue, through its unique marketplace solutions and minting capabilities for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With Metabilia’s solutions, partners can offer in-game memorabilia, unique experiences, One4One™ memorabilia items as a tradeable NFTs (Metabilia™), and a broad array of content-driven NFTs. The company is on the leading-edge of innovation of NFTs and is well-positioned in the convergence of physical memorabilia and NFTs and the convergence of collecting NFTs and investing. Metabilia has multi-year partnerships with franchises in the NFL and NBA and has direct deals with over 40+ elite athletes across sports. The company is also digitizing the artifacts within the Pro Football Hall of Fame and will offer metaverse applications later this year under a long-term exclusive contract. Metabilia offers portability amongst blockchains and can provide end-to-end minting and turnkey issuance and secondary trading platforms for its partners. Metabilia is privately held by its executive team, founders, athlete partners, and several family office investors. For more information, visit, download one of the company’s existing partner apps, and follow Metabilia on social media: @metabilia_io on Instagram and Twitter. As well as @metabilia on Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok.
Nicole Johnson, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Nicole Johnson, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


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