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With the development of renewable energy accelerating, the pipeline business increasingly finds itself against the ropes. The Biden administration dealt a death blow to Keystone XL, and the fate of similar projects remains uncertain. As fossil fuel dependency begins to wane, this multibillion dollar industry could soon go the way of the dinosaurs.
US Nursing Homes Face Closure Risks From Staffing Shortages
McDonald’s Adds Halloumi Fries to UK Menu as Rivalry Heats Up
Apple Debuts Pay-Later Service, iPhone Updates to Developers
Cathie Wood-Backed VC Group, Walmart Heirs Explore Mobility
Amazon’s Stock Split Delivers More Than Bargained For
Trudeau Scorns China’s Response to North Korea Patrol Flights
In New Jersey’s Blue Wall, Conservatives for Congress See Cracks
US Inflation Nearer 1980 Peak Than Thought, Summers Group Says
People Keep Quitting Their Jobs Even as Recession Fears Mount
Paramount Sued for Releasing ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Without Copyright License
Russian Opera ‘Boris Godunov’ to Open Next La Scala Season
Elon Has a New Bot Excuse
JetBlue’s New Takeover Offer Puts Rival Bidder Frontier in Hot Seat
The West Must Bridge the Global Divide Over Ukraine
An Industrial Stalwart Goes All-In on Specialty Software
Ukraine’s Tactics Are Showing Smaller Countries How to Fight Back
Oz Won by Ditching the Oprahverse for Trump and Planet Hannity
Male Executives Control 99 Times More S&P 500 Shares Than Women
Ryanair Gives Afrikaans Quiz to South Africans Entering UK
British Mothers Miss Out on Almost £70,000 in Decade After Birth
Louisiana Probes Source of Methane Cloud Spotted From Space
Africa Needs Better Weather Warning Systems, Urge Experts
Discovering a New City, One Space Invader at a Time
The New LaGuardia Is Haunted by the Mistakes of its Past
LA Crime Targeting Rich Shifts Mayor Race to Billionaire Caruso
Crypto-Linked ETFs Are 2022’s Biggest Losers With 60% Drawdowns
Bitcoin Reclaims $31,000 Level After Weeks of Languishing
Crypto Bridges, Staking, Yield Farming: An Audio Crypto Glossary

Bitcoin miners are beginning to sell tokens they’ve hoarded to cover burgeoning costs with the prospects for industry growth slowing and the price of the largest cryptocurrency showing few signs of rebounding following the recent collapse from record highs. 
Miners transferred about 195,663 coins to exchanges in May, the biggest monthly increase since January, according to data from Coin Metrics compiled by Compass Mining. Based on Bitcoin’s average price of around $32,000 in May, the total value of the tokens was about $6.3 billion. 


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