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The term “cryptocurrency” became popular more than 12 years ago. Bitcoin was the first digital currency, and it paved the way for thousands of other options. Even though not all of them are suitable for iGaming, some options are great for things like promotions. In fact, some of the reasons you should check out the Stake.com bonuses are because you can use the most popular crypto payment options to get them. Unlike other iGaming companies, this one accepts the most sought-after digital currencies.
Many people might not admit it, but the bonuses are one of the main reasons for the popularity of some bookies and casinos. If we put them aside, we can see that most betting websites provide the same things. What’s more, they also have similar features and almost identical contact options. 
Luckily, online bookies and casinos like Stake prove that not every company is the same. Aside from its never-ending list of betting options and unique design, this brand also pays special attention to bonuses. Hence, it has one of the most prominent selections of propositions.
The so-called “cryptocurrency bonuses” have some specifics that set them apart from the regular ones. There are many similarities, but the devil is in the details, so let’s go over some of the most important things every punter should know about them.
Every online bookmaker has specific rules that differentiate it from its competitors. Some brands require punters to make more deposits in order to get a bonus, whereas others have more detailed rules. 
If we look at Stake and its promotions, one of the first things we’ll see about this cryptocurrency bookie is that it requires a promo code for the welcome promotion. Unlike other companies, this one actually only provides this proposition to those who use the special code. Once that happens, the bookie will grant new signees a 200% match promo and a 10% rakeback. 
What’s interesting about the bonus codes is that you can find all sorts of options. Typically, the code includes a combination of letters and numbers that have to be used in their correct order. Of course, there are all sorts of varieties, so don’t be surprised if the given bonus code looks different.
Speaking of using it, this is where you have to be careful. Bookmakers like Stake require their new users to enter the promo code before registering. However, those who use other iGaming operators may need to do that after signing up. There are also many examples where cryptocurrency users have to use the promo code before making a deposit.
One of the things that you will notice about certain iGaming operators is that they accept different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Although you may find a variety of options, Bitcoin is the one that most companies focus on. This is the most popular and valuable digital currency, so most bookies and casinos prefer their clients to use it for iGaming.
To encourage them to make transactions using BTC, some operators give them access to exclusive BTC bonuses. These offers seem like the standard ones, but the only way to access them is by making a BTC deposit. The amount of money you may need to add to your account depends on a variety of factors, but usually, it is not more than the one for the regular propositions.
There are different kinds of Bitcoin bonuses, depending on the operator you’re using. Some provide additional amounts of money that people can use when they decide to bet on sports or play casino games. There are also things like free spins and free bets.
Most people familiar with the promotions for online betting know that they are a “one-time deal”. In other words, once they make a deposit, the bookie/casino will give them the bonus, and they have to use it.
With that being said, a quick look at the Stake promo code shows that some companies are different, especially those that accept digital currencies. In addition to the shorter offers that have to be used right away, this company also gives crypto users the chance to participate in tournaments and races.
What sets these offers apart from others is that they last for a day, week, or more. Usually, customers need to play specific casino games or wager on sports to collect points. Once the promo period is over, those with the most points will receive a specific price, such as BTC, free bets, free spins, or other kinds of options.
One of the things that every online bettor is afraid of is the wagering requirement. This also applies to punters who want to use cryptocurrency for online betting because they also have to adhere to this rule when using a given promotion.
Whether you are a fan of ETH, BTC, LTC, or something else, the only way to withdraw the money you’ve won while using a specific crypto bonus is to complete this role. Also known as rollover requirement, this condition shows you how many times you need to use the bonus funds before pulling them out.
Usually, casinos offer more substantial rollover requirements because people who play slots and classic casino games tend to wager more money. With that being said, companies like Stake that offer both casino games and a sportsbook show that there is no need to have rollover conditions that are impossible to meet. 
Since this and many other sites focus on crypto, they often have user-friendly requirements. This motivates people to use digital currencies because these payment solutions provide them loads of benefits.
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