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The cryptocurrency era is upon us, and many people are rushing to get in on it. This new era came with many other exciting perks like the introduction of DeFi or the creation of the metaverse. It also brought about the birth of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one-of-a-kind assets that generally represent ownership rights to digital art but not always the original work from which the NFT is produced.
Many crypto communities have developed their NFT and tokens, and many are doing well in the market. The Apecoin (APE) was seen to have a very high price during its debut in March. It was a token created by the developers of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), a platform that has seen the likes of celebrities such as Post Malone and Neymar, purchase its NFTs. Also, the token CashFi (CFI), a decentralised platform, has created a secure means for NFT creators and holders to market and auction their art. These tokens have the capability to be profitable to their investors in the near future. This article will review these tokens in this article, giving you reasons why you should add them to your watch list.
Axie Infinity (AXS) is a blockchain game in which players can earn crypto by fighting Axies and trading them on the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. As the native governance token, AXS holders will be able to influence game choices and progress in the future, as well as stake AXS tokens for game incentives. The utility of the token in powering the game is one feature that makes Axie Infinity a good investment possibility.
The game currently has over 2.8 million daily participants and USD 3.6 billion worth of AXS transactions. AXS coin’s value may climb as these numbers grow. Axie Infinity will receive more game-changing updates in the future. Although there have been countless new NFT projects lately, Axie Infinity (AXS) would remain at the top among other NFT giants.
Another NFT giant, the ApeCoin (APE), has experienced a massive buzz in the crypto market since its debut. The BAYC, a Yuga Labs NFT project with 10,000 unique bored ape artworks, uses ApeCoin (APE) as its governance and utility currency. The ApeCoin (APE) DAO is in charge of overseeing and managing the Ape Foundation, which is responsible for ensuring management as the community grows.
As a result, ApeCoin(APE) holders become DAO voters, with the Foundation serving as a facilitator. ApeCoin (APE) functions as both a utility token and a cryptocurrency, uniting the entire community and allowing them to interact amongst themselves on a decentralized platform. As this token is community-based, the token’s value is dependent on the increase in its community size. As its community continues to expand, this is one token you should add to your watch list.
When it comes to NFTs, CashFi (CFI) has redefined the industry with various features. This token and its community have created a safe space for NFT holders and creators to sell or buy their NFTs without hassle or disturbances. It has integrated CFI NFTs into its ecosystem to create cross-chain and interoperable NFT marketplaces.
CashFi (CFI) highlights the advantages of NFTs in promoting worldwide peer-to-peer P2P interaction with total confidence and security via transparency, eliminating the necessity for centralized regulatory institutions. Having identified the obstacles in the NFT sector, it has created an easy-to-use and secure structure that enables users to create their own personalised NFT marketplace. This would pave the way for expression and creativity amongst artists. This and many more would be integrated into the CashFi (CFI) network, and it is only reasonable to add this token to your watchlist.
More information on CashFi (CFI):
Join Presale: https://enter.cashfi.finance/register
Website: https://cashfi.finance/
Telegram: https://t.me/CashFi_Token
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