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The world of delivery logistics behind the scenes in America comes with a high environmental cost. But thanks to a few startups, there’s an electric revolution brewing that may deliver a cleaner future.
Ex-NFT Marketplace Employee Charged with Insider Trading
US Economy Slows in Some Areas, Fed’s Beige Book Survey Shows
Elon Musk’s Boring Co. Pitched Texas on Tunnels for Cars, People and Water
Inside Twitter, Shuffled Jobs and Elon Musk Tweets Dampen Morale
Tim Hortons App Tracked People Illegally, Canada Watchdogs Say
US Officials Are Split Over the Next Round of Russia Sanctions
Biden Plans High Bar for Imports From Xinjiang Under US Ban
Jamie Dimon Says JPMorgan Is Bracing Itself for Economic ‘Hurricane’
BNP Paribas Plans to Lure NYC Workers Back With Redesigned Offices
John Leguizamo Fine-tunes His New Musical ‘Kiss My Aztec!’
Kim Kardashian to Start New Skin-Care Line With Coty
Crypto, Clearing and Credit
Top Gun Is a Hollywood Maverick When It Comes to China
The Red-Hot US Labor Market Is Suddenly Not
Seven Ways to Beat Burnout and Get Your Career Back on Track
Tommy Hilfiger Comes Home With a Business Program at His Local College
Crypto Goes Shopping for a Regulator It Can Push Around
Amy’s Kitchen Faces Labor Complaints at Its San Jose Plant
More Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage Than Ever
South Africa’s Ramaphosa Names 14-Member Panel to Advise on Black Empowerment
Big Airlines’ Are Betting on False Solutions to Cut Emissions, Greenpeace Says
Mercedes Doubles GLC’s Electric Range as Emissions Rules Bite
Chicago Offers a Blueprint for Expanding Urban Internet Access
How Dublin’s Modest Terraced Houses Came Back Into Fashion
A Photographer Records Shanghai’s Final Days Before Lockdown
Ex-NFT Marketplace Employee Charged with Insider Trading
Bitcoin’s Stock-Market Decoupling Proves Fleeting
Bank of England Says Stablecoins Aren’t Stable for Investors
But as prices fall, the market is changing. 
Network cables connect mining rigs to servers at a cryptocurrency mining farm.
Source: Bloomberg

Hello, it’s Hannah Miller in San Francisco. Crypto prices are tanking. That hasn’t stopped VCs from writing checks. But first…
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