Gollum’s Gems is a crypto group which started almost a year ago. They aim to educate their followers about all things crypto related. Their content can be found across four social media platforms. They have two telegram groups, a Twitter and a YouTube account. Their strong community continues to grow and they have followers across the globe. They often talk about NFTs and have their very own collection, ‘GG soldiers’, which are a limited collection with 100 unique NFTs.
For those that don’t know, NFT is short for ‘non-fungible token’. In the simplest terms, it means something that cannot be replicated. For example, Ethereum is fungible – investors can trade one Ethereum for another and they will have the exact same thing. However, NFTs are unique and the artwork have their own distinctive traits. They are linked to crypto as they tend to be coded with the same operating systems. Many have compared them to trading cards and often NFT projects have large collections with certain traits being rarer than others. NFTs can be anything digital and range from artwork, moving pictures, videos and music. They first hit the scene in early 2014 but arguably peak interest was last year when many celebrities started investing in them. Trading in NFTs hit almost $18 billion in 2021 which was an increase of 22,000% from the previous year. Arguably the most famous NFT collection is the ‘Bored Apes Yacht Club’ with one NFT on an ape selling for over two million dollars.
The team from Gollum’s Gems have always enjoyed collecting NFTs and knew that their followers did too. As a result, they created their very own collection which consists of 100 Gollum’s Gems soldiers. They were designed to feature traits related to crypto. For example, eyes which have green charts and ‘diamond hand’ teeth. The team did not want to sell these NFTs but instead make it that they could only be earned by their loyal followers. Followers of the channel can earn them by participating in AMAs and being active on their Twitter page. Alongside the NFT the followers receive $500 alongside a ‘Golden Ticket’ which means they can access any whitelist that features on Gollum’s Gems.
The GG soldiers NFT do have some valuable perks which make them desirable. For example, they are often airdropped tokens worth hundreds of dollars and given whitelist spots for the most sought after projects. The Gollum’s Gems team are excited to announce that all NFT holders of GG soldiers now have access to any ‘platinum tier’ project on Gempad which is one of the main Launchpad’s in the space. The team said the following:
‘We wanted to reward our community for being active and felt the NFTs were the perfect way. Community members display their NFTs with pride as it takes commitment to earn one. We liked the idea that they could be earned and not bought as it makes obtaining them very fair. There’s over 60 left to be awarded so there’s plenty of time for new members to come in and be part of the Gollum Army.’
The Gollum’s Gems team has committed to making more utilities for the NFTs moving forward.
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