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SEOUL, Korea, May 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SpaceMine, the P2E game that users can mine various cryptocurrencies, has released 1st NFT via SpaceMine Wallet (https://www.spacemine.net/) Recently.

Through this NFT mint, the company plans to sell some of its shares in the first mining district of the game to be released in the future, and the NFT holder will receive a portion of the proceeds issued by the mining district.
In addition, NFT, which is sold through this minting, is expected to be actively participated by participants in the existing SpaceMine ecosystem as it can receive a reduction in mining transmission fees.
This NFT plans to release a total of eight products: Master, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, and Mystery Box. SpaceMine foundation expects ordinary users to participate in SpaceMine through this NFT release. They will provide various benefits for new or existing miners.
“This NFT mint will set a big stage for creating an ecosystem for users. We’re going to make a sustainable and attractive ecosystem,” explained Brad Na, CEO of SpaceMine.
SpaceMine team has achieved $2 million dollars in sales this month and is expecting 100 million dollars in sales this year.
They continue to supply liquidity through profits from paid users, sufficiently showing the value of growth.
SpaceMine Airdrop is now in progress. More information can be found on the SpaceMine community channel (https://twitter.com/spacemineio). Now, SpaceMine (MINE) is traded at BITTREX.
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