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With the world of NFTs expanding more and more with every passing day, the sector is expected to grow further with more advancements within the Metaverse. The Metaverse, in its current state, is a virtual world where people are able to interact with each other alongside having a presence of their own. The thing to note, however, is that people are able to use NFTs to present themselves as their avatars within the virtual world.
Now, if you’re already scratching your head, then let’s take a step back to look at what NFTs actually are. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are digital assets that are non-fungible, meaning they cannot be broken down into smaller pieces. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin may be bought in several pieces. However, NFTs are only to be purchased entirely.
With tons of people adapting to the world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs aren’t something to be afraid of anymore. In today’s time, even major celebrities have started flaunting their own NFTs, ranging from Justin Bieber and Madonna to Eminem and more. NFTs are truly making it big and are gaining even more applause with the introduction of different PFP NFTs. These are termed as the NFTs that people are able to utilize as their display pictures within not just the crypto world, but within their socials as well.
Some of the Best Avatar Projects this year have been listed below:
With different crypto avatar projects in mind, some of the most notable projects are making rounds on not just Twitter, but on Discord as well. That being said, the Top Crypto PFPs include the likes of:
Our top pick as the best blockchain avatar project of this year is Silks, a play-to-earn metaverse game that mirrors the thoroughbred horse racing industry. The platform completed its Genesis Avatar Mint in April 2022 to a grand reception. While the Avatars were sold out for a fixed price of 0.2 ETH during the mint, the price of the NFTs shot up by more than 50% to 0.313 ETH just a few days into the launch.
The surge in price comes as a pleasant surprise, as the crypto and NFT markets have been on a violent downturn during this period. Contrary to the prevailing trend, Silks NFTs are performing remarkably well in the market.
What contributes to its resilience? Let’s take a look.
Silks unlocks the massive potential of the multibillion-dollar horse-racing and video gaming industries to introduce a derivative NFT game. Apart from Silks Avatars, the game features Silks Horses, Land, and Stables NFTs. Each plays a key role in building the Silks economy. But central to the project are Silks Horses, each of which are linked to real-world thoroughbred racehorses. Huge datasets are then used to track the lineage, training progress, and racing results of a Silks Horse’s real-world counterpart, and are then added to the blockchain through a process called mining.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.
Silks’ expansive play-to-earn model allows players to generate income via different modes of compensation within the Silks metaverse. Players earn rewards in $STT, Silks transactional token, when their linked real-world racehorse wins a race or breeds offspring. As stated in the Silks whitepaper, You can also profit from the Silks ecosystem by purchasing and trading Silks Horses, fractionalizing the horses through syndication, joining horse ownership pools, speculating on Land in the Silks metaverse, and developing Land into Stables or horse farms.
Silks NFT dropSilks NFT drop
Let’s say you have a Silks Horse, but not the time or resources to take care of it. In this case, you can stake it in the community farm in exchange for $STT tokens. Or, you can assign it to a private third-party farm. Silks offers diverse ways that players can explore to collaborate with each other and monetize their skills and resources. In the upcoming phases, more play-to-earn opportunities will be unveiled.
Given the limited number of horses that are registered as thoroughbreds each year and their massive fan base across the world, Silks Horses become the best NFTs to collect this year. However, you can’t get one without a Silks Avatar. They represent your unique identity in the Silks metaverse. And that explains why these NFTs have been going against the market trend. Unlike the majority of NFTs in the market today, Silks NFTs are not built on speculation. They derive their value from real utility and a solid vision. As a result, Silks has been successful in amassing a strong community that understands the long-term potential of the project.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.
Meta triads NFTsMeta triads NFTs
One of the other NFT Game Avatars to be wary of is none other than the Meta Triads. This NFT project comprises more than 10,000 NFTs, each portraying a cyberpunk-themed character. Each set is characterized as a Human, Humanoid, or Mixture. Be that as it may, other than the exceptional computerized workmanship, these NFTs allow for other advantages as well.
The thing about Meta Triads is that they don’t just look radical but provide their fair share of benefits as well. The biggest advantage of owning a Meta Triad is that you would be rewarded with shares of the Meta Triad community. Whenever things are sold in this commercial centre, proprietors of Meta Triads NFTs will get a piece of the amount payable in $TRIA.
$TRIA is the currency that is utilized by the Meta Triads community. Furthermore, this local value-based token is expected to expand further with time.
Banner Guild of GuardiansBanner Guild of Guardians
Referring to one of the best avatar PFPs of the year, we have the Guild of Guardians. The Guild of Guardians is a fantasy game to be launched in the latter part of the year. It’s a game where players can team up with each other and work on earning rewards. As of right now, the game is in its development phase, with the team of GOG offering different play tests to choose the individuals of the community.
In terms of the official site of Guild of Guardians, there are currently more than 220,000 different members that currently reside on the waiting list to play the game. Moving towards the assets offered by the game, these assets are to act out as NFTs and are to be hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain.
It’s also important to note that the game would be decentralized and completely free to play. This would be as such to ensure that strategy is the biggest element that people look to when playing the game.
Rich CatsRich Cats
Moving further onto our list of top digital avatars, we have the Rich Cats Nation. The Rich Cats Nation is a collection of over 1,000 different NFTs. However, unlike most notable NFTs, the Rich Cats Nations is placed on the Binance Smart Chain.
These NFTs are cat-based characters that comprise various traits. Similar to other NFT collections out there, the NFTs by Rich Cats Nation are quite rare and have a considerable amount of valuation.
If you have your very own Rich Cats Nation NFT, it might also act out a mode of membership. The membership formed by the NFT would be to an exclusive club that allows for multiple benefits.
Other than that, the benefits include in-person events, giveaways, and much more. The Rich Cats Nation is expected to keep on expanding further until the end of 2022.
Finally, to conclude our list of Top NFT Projects, a notable mention would be DeAngels. DeAngels has already captivated a considerable amount of attention across the world of social media. Now, talking about what DeAngels actually is, it can be termed as a group of 8,888 different NFTs on the blockchain offered by Ethereum.
The team behind the making of this NFT project had various ambitions prior to the launch of the project, ranging from active and or effective marketing alongside a blockchain-based game that would allow people to earn money just by playing the games and accomplishing tasks and such.
The team states that the project would allow its members to earn a decent amount of income without excessive amounts of workload. Nonetheless, only the future would go on to reveal what DeAngels has in store for the individuals of the crypto community.
As we close in on the metaverse vision, Avatars become more than just an identity. They are our key to new worlds that take fun, entertainment, and interaction to the next level. All the projects discussed above make innovative use of NFTs to nurture long-term growth. However, Game of Silks stands apart with the unique concept of a derivative gamified economy. The diverse streams of income are engaging and sustainable, rendering the mixed-reality platform lucrative for long-term participants.
Silks Genesis Avatars are currently selling on OpenSea.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.
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