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By Michelle D. Madsen
The Bulls & Apes Project is a 3D NFT (non-fungible token) initiative seeking to redefine what NFT collectors should expect and want from their collections. There are 10,000 OG Bulls located in the Mint #1 location.
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Owners of Bull NFTs will have the ability to mint collections using their tokens, with each collection including 9,000 Teen Bulls and 500 God Bulls.
The project is focused on eliminating any potential financial dangers associated with the purchase of NFTs.
Anthony Mongiello, Bulls & Apes cofounder and CEO, has almost 20 years of experience driving broad culture change, usiness intelligence, strategic transformation programs and technology road mapping, according to the company.
The other two co-founders, Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol, have worked on mobile games, software development and marketing for most of their careers.
They and other members of management say they are confident in the quality of the products, and the company is offering a money-back guarantee to customers valid for six months.
“The only constant in the NFT space is change. Things change fast, and we must adapt quickly to be able to survive and thrive in this space…, “ Bulls & Apes says on its website. “We will change and adapt as the space changes. What will not change is our constant efforts to be transparent and open with our community members; that is a constant you can count on.
“At this very moment, we are producing outstanding artwork that we are confident anyone would be honored to have as their profile picture,” Bulls & Apes says.
The team went on to say that it is making adjustments to the way NFT projects ought to be managed.
“There are no more rug pulls. There will be no more cons. Due to the fact that our project has already received sufficient funding, we do not require any Mint cash in order to run the business. We are able to set aside these funds so that YOU, our NFT holders, are protected.
“We are the only company in the sector to provide a money-back guarantee that is valid for a full six months. Participate in our money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with our project, the floor price falls below your comfort level, or you choose to return your bulls for any reason. If any of these things happen, we will refund your purchase price.”
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