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Bitcoin Beating Ether by Most in Seven Months 
Ethereum Founder Buterin Blasts DeFi Model in Terra Critique
Crypto Scammers Pose as Journalists, NFT Projects on Twitter

Internet scammers are using hijacked accounts on Twitter Inc. to promote dubious cryptocurrency platforms that, once installed, enable them to compromise victims’ sensitive data, according to new findings provided exclusively to Bloomberg News.
Since March, fraudsters have impersonated journalists, crypto apps and a variety of nonfungible token (NFT) projects on Twitter in order to steal users’ virtual currency, usernames and password credentials, according to research from Satnam Narang, a staff research engineer at the cybersecurity firm Tenable Inc. Many of the targeted accounts are verified, an indication to investigators that scammers are either hacking specific pages, paying for illicit access, or both.


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