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New York, New York, UNITED STATES
New York, NY, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) In the sculpture’s first public offering for private placement, a full-size Fearless Girl will auction under sealed bid next Tuesday and will be awarded to the highest bidder. The three-day auction comes just before the Memorial Day holiday and is part of a second release in the Fearless Girl Superstar Drop, the iconic figure’s entrée into the crypto community. Since the original casting was unveiled in 2017, the artwork has been reserved for public placement to spread the equality messaging behind her. The magnetic work fulfills a symbolic role as a beacon for equality and gender collaboration.

“We as a society have been presented with a rare empowerment symbol which encourages all of us to stay the course, to pull from our deepest reserves and to assert who we are as individuals, to take our place as citizens equal is power and promise,” said Kristen Visbal, creator of Fearless Girl. “Fearless Girl made her entrance at just the right time. She is your symbol. Claim her and use her for enlightenment.”

The artist, committed to placing the work publicly, states she will gladly relinquish this casting for private placement if it will provide financial fuel to her efforts to free Fearless Girl to the advantage of society. The sealed auction presents a distinctive opportunity to acquire what has become a historic form marking a time when the need for gender collaboration and the benefits of diversity have finally been acknowledged. Rarely does an artwork carry with it the social message Fearless Girl conveys. May 24th also marks the release of the first 700 Stargazer trading cards. Developed in collaboration with digital artist Michael Miller of 9ifx.net, the cards feature the sketch studies for Fearless Girl which depict seven different hairstyles and one word which denotes a single ideal behind the sculpture.

The Equality and Diversity cards feature a spinning 3d render. The first 100 of each trading card will release next Tuesday. These beautiful digital artworks were developed in answer to the public’s request for an affordable Fearless Girl collectible. The ingenious gift of empowerment can be showcased in an NFT Display or on your wall. Priced at .2 ETH the randomly delivered cards will be available for 5 days at a 20% whitelist discount. Expert’s project that the Ethereum altcoin could grow as much as 400% in 2022 (https://nmk.world) making this investment in diversity and equality one destined for success. Interested parties can sign up for the whitelist at: https://www.fearlessgirl.us/nft/

About the Artist
Sculptor Kristen Visbal was born the daughter of an American Foreign Service diplomat and a painter. She studied the process of Lost Wax Casting from 1995-1998 at the Johnson Atelier Foundry and has created the largest rendition of American historical figure Alexander Hamilton. Her heroic sized Cradle of Coaches collection of ten Hall of Fame football coaches immortalizes such notable figures as Paul Brown, Ara Parseghian and John Harbaugh. Visbal’s early work includes 1964 Olympic gold medalist Bob Hayes, then known as the “fastest man on earth”. Kristen Visbal specializes in expressive figurative, marine, and animal bronze works, ranging in size from tiny miniature studies to grand public monuments. Her “Fearless Girl” sculpture swept the globe in a call for diversity and inspired the Artist to use realism as a catalyst for change.


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