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This month, the World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb will drop his debut NFT collection: “The First” with MyTVchain! Accordingly, the complex digital assets are based on Loeb’s first World Rally Championship victory in 2004. From meeting Loeb himself to getting Metaverse utility, this community-driven collection is the ultimate fan experience.

To participate in the Private Sale, make sure to register via this very important form
In essence, “The First” is a collection of 2004 NFTs featuring the professional rally driver Sebastien Loeb. In fact, the digital assets reveal key moments of Loeb’s first victory as a World Rally Champion in 2004. From 3D artworks to video highlights, the NFTs will take fans on a virtual 16-country journey.
All in all, “The First” NFT collection comes in four rarities: Core, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical. The 77 Mythical NFTs are undoubtedly the rarest as follows
The team stated they are using “great state-of-the-art 3D NFTs, combining actual WRC video highlights and other generative attributes to create a unique in-world rendering”.

A first sneak peek of the exciting new Sebastien Loeb NFT Collection.
Of course, these Sebastien Loeb NFTs won’t just be good looking – they serve a purpose. Just by owning one, you’re eligible for a range of virtual and real-life perks.
Firstly, each NFT holder will be eligible to win one of the following experiences:
The best part?  In the PREMIUM collection, 20 lucky NFT holders can win a unique Co-driver experience with Loeb himself. Yes, you could witness him in the driver’s seat firsthand!
The 2004 collectibles will be available on the MyTVchain marketplace starting May 31st. In order to mint a Sebastien Loeb NFT, you can register on the official website to join the private sale on May 31st. The minting price of the Premium Series will be 699€ or equivalent in BNB. Then, collectors will also have the chance to join the public sale on June 10th.
To participate in the Private Sale, fill out the Sebastien Loeb NFT application form! offers OTT streaming and NFT/blockchain solutions to the sports industry. Based out of the technovalley of Sophia Antipolis, MyTVchain delivers innovative, cost effective quality solutions worldwide.
If you’re ready to join Sebastien Loeb’s unique Metaverse journey, make sure to register for “The First” NFT private sale using the aforementioned application form. Meanwhile, you can follow MyTVchain on Twitter or join their Discord channel for exclusive updates and sneak peeks too!
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Adele Ioana is a writer with a deep interest in digital visual arts. Between covering two news stories, she enjoys drawing portraits and studying photo manipulation.

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