Every NFT sold on Binance NFT Marketplace can help 20 people access life-saving vaccines
NEW YORK, May 23, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Partisia Blockchain (https://partisiablockchain.com/#/), an internet privacy infrastructure developed for the greater good, is joining forces with Binance Charity and Binance NFT Marketplace in support of (RED)’s NFT drop, the pandemic fighting organization co-founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver, to help raise money to support urgent and equitable access to COVID-19 relief in response to the ongoing and devastating impact of the virus in the world's poorest countries.
This exclusive one-week-only NFT collaboration drops on May 23rd, featuring some of the hottest artists in the NFT space, including Adamtastic, ArinaBB, Saif Chilmiran, David Filer, Jakub Malec, MrSeaks.
This is the latest in Binance Charity’s NFT For Good Campaign, an initiative that enables world-renowned creators to convert their art and creativity into meaningful global action targeting social and humanitarian issues. This NFT drop will raise funds for (RED), which will go towards efforts to fight COVID-19 in Africa where countries continue to focus on addressing urgent vaccination demand and delivery challenges. Every NFT sold can help roughly 20 people access life-saving vaccines, with 100% of proceeds of every first sale supporting the Global Fund’s COVID Response Mechanism and the Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC). Thanks to generous matching funds made available through Global Fund and Gavi sponsors, every dollar raised through this partnership will be doubled.
"NFTs have brought about an art renaissance in this digital era and with it, great potential for the social sector. Binance Charity’s NFT For Good campaign works with world-renowned artists and leading partners to capture this potential. This latest collaboration with Partisia Blockchain to support (RED), brings together industry shapers with a shared vision of using technology for the greater good and the common goal of advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development, which we’re proud to be part of," said Helen Hai, Executive VP of Binance and Head of Binance Charity.
"Partisia Blockchain shares a similar vision with Binance Charity to focus on developing blockchain technology that solves for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This made Binance the obvious partner in our support of (RED)’s NFT drop when evaluating other marketplace partner opportunities. Beyond NFT’s used to raise funds for charitable causes, we’ve developed counterfeit medicine detection blockchain solutions, private stablecoins for aid delivery, and tradefi gap solutions. We look forward to furthering our collaboration with Binance," said Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder, Partisia Blockchain.
To participate in this NFT drop, traders need to open a cryptocurrency account on binance.com and bid for the artwork on https://www.binance.com/en/nft from 23rd May 2022 11 A.M. UTC and end on May 30, 11 A.M. UTC Time. Trades will be accepted in BNB, the cryptocurrency coin that powers the Binance ecosystem. The first edition NFT sale, including full utility benefits, will only be available for purchase in non-US markets.
Learn more about the NFT drop here.
About Partisia Blockchain
Partisia Blockchain is a Web 3.0 public blockchain built for trust, transparency, privacy, and speed of light finalization. The cutting-edge solution to decentralization, confidentiality and privacy challenges, Partisia Blockchain represents the first successful complete integration of blockchain technology with another commercial grade type of distributed cryptography known as Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC). This combination of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with privacy-enhancing software allows enterprises to experience the advantages of decentralized technologies while still guaranteeing that data remains private and secure.
A pioneer in the space, Partisia Blockchain was founded by Partisia, the world-leader in commercial applications of Secure Multi-Party Computation, who have been bringing cutting-edge commercial-grade MPC software solutions to global enterprises since 2008. The team counts a number of well-known industry luminaries among its ranks, including world leading cryptographers, developers, and entrepreneurs. For more, visit https://www.partisiablockchain.com/#/.
About Binance NFT Marketplace
Binance NFT Marketplace offers an open market for artists, creators, crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors and creative fans around the world with the best liquidity and minimal fees. Consisting of two parts, premium events and a trading marketplace, Binance NFT features valuable collectibles and an easily accessible trading market for all of its users.
For more information, visit https://nft.binance.com/
For creators and artists' collaboration; contact email: nft@binance.com
About Binance Charity
Binance Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of blockchain-enabled philanthropy toward achieving global sustainable development. Binance Charity aims to transfer philanthropy by developing a 100% transparent donation platform based on blockchain to build a future where technology innovation is used to end all forms of poverty and inequality, advance sustainable development and ensure that no one is left behind. To date, Binance Charity has supported over 2 million end beneficiaries through various projects. For more information, visit: https://www.binance.charity/
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For many who attended VeeCon 2022, meeting internet friends for the first time in real life and making new friends might have been the best parts. Host Gary Vee told attendees during his keynote that the biggest return on investment for the event is the relationships you make, and encouraged people to extend their hand out to meet people. VeeCon 2022: The first ever VeeCon festival from Gary Vee and VeeFriends was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Thursday, May 19 through Sunday, May 22. The event
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The $22 hourly rate is more than triple the federal minimum wage of $7.25, which lawmakers last increased in 2009.
Business Insider last week reported that Musk's private rocket company SpaceX paid $250,000 in 2018 to settle a sexual harassment claim from an unnamed private jet flight attendant who accused Musk of exposing himself to her. "Personally, I believe the allegations to be false; not because I work for Elon, but because I have worked closely with him for 20 years and never seen nor heard anything resembling these allegations," Shotwell wrote in an email to employees last week, according to the CNBC report.
When Gail Curley began her job as Marshal of the U.S. Supreme Court less than a year ago, she would have expected to work mostly behind the scenes: overseeing the court's police force and the operations of the marble-columned building where the justices work. Earlier this month, however, Curley was handed a bombshell of an assignment, overseeing an unprecedented breach of Supreme Court secrecy, the leak of a draft opinion and apparent votes in a major abortion case. People who know Curley described the former Army colonel and military lawyer as possessing the right temperament for a highly charged leak investigation: smart, private, apolitical and and unlikely to be intimidated.
After a 10-year-old Chinese girl found a 20-yuan (approximately $3) banknote with a written plea for help, police rescued 11 men allegedly being held prisoner by a gang running a pyramid scheme. The girl, from Baotou of northern China in Inner Mongolia, found the banknote, which had handwritten text that said that 11 people were being held hostage on the third floor of a building guarded by armed gang members and forced to work in a pyramid scheme, reported South China Morning Post.
“We want to educate both parents and kids about the risks out there,” the mother of Ryan Last, 17, said.
A Cambodian American woman is left traumatized after falling victim to a violent robbery outside a supermarket in San Leandro, California, earlier this month. Emily Chhun, 26, had just returned to her car after buying some snacks at a Safeway on Washington Avenue when the horror unfolded. “I closed the door already and didn’t notice that there was someone behind me,” Chhun told NBC Bay Area of the May 11 incident.
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The employees of major video game maker Activision Blizzard have voted to form a union at the company, which is in the middle of a $68.7 billion sale to Microsoft. The new group is now only the second official union in the video game business sector, marking another historic move by workers to force employers to collectively bargain. Activision has been roiled by nearly a year of increasingly lurid headlines, including the accusation that it nurtured a "bro culture" of sexism, which was included in a complaint from California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing.
THE MONEYIST Dear Quentin, Just before the pandemic I got into a bit of financial trouble, and my brother lent me $10,000. During the pandemic, we fell out and we have not been speaking for several months.
It’s been nine days since 13 people were gunned down—10 of them fatally—at the Buffalo supermarket Tops in the heart of a Black community. The white male terrorist behind it, Payton Gendron, published a manifesto online outlining his hatred of Black people and every step of his plan to kill them just days before the massacre.
New Zealand's military said Tuesday that an air force plane had found seven people who had gone missing aboard two small boats near the remote Pacific nation of Kiribati. The military said the crew aboard an Orion plane had coincidentally spotted the two boats within 10 nautical miles (18.5 kilometers) of each other Monday after the boats went missing in separate incidents from the island nation late last week. The military said one of the boats had drifted 150 nautical miles (280 kilometers) from its intended course while the other one was closer to where it had gone missing near Makin Island.
As Memorial Day weekend nears, Oklahoma's event calendar is starting to look more normal compared to the past two years of pandemic planning.
“White supremacy shouldn’t be the main target,” said Greene, who instead urged panic over the border "invasion."
Experts warn employees from directly confronting thieves, but some aren't listening. Rising violence worries retail industry officials.


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