Innovation is a language that MURI has mastered. MURI is unlike anything you have ever seen before in NFT. It is built on non-fungible tokens featuring 10,000 anime-inspired characters.
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Updated: 24 May 2022 4:31 pm
With 33 of its creators coming from Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and the like, it’s no surprise that MURI is taking over the NFT world. MURI is an NFT project from Fabrik. It is here to not only rule web3 but create its own space – web4.
The NFT world witnessed MURI’s success quite early on. About seven days after launching, it pushed a daily volume of 9600 ETH, beating every spot on the leaderboard. Surprisingly, it even surpassed established market players like CryptoPunks, BoredApeYachtClub, CloneX, and Azuki. As critics around the world noted, this achievement was enough to prove the credibility of Fabrik’s latest ambitious project.
But what makes MURI special? A passion to deliver benefits bigger than ever. MURI sees the people who supported it from the very beginning as loyal family members. The brains behind some of the world’s most critical pioneering projects make up MURI’s core team. The community-driven team grew from 0 to a whopping 100 within just three months. It came up with formulaic ways to ensure that its users get the best rewards at any possible time. This team has its heart set on one main goal – to give back to the people.
Once the MURI masterminds noted a market gap in quality and innovation in the current anime-themed NFT space, they got to work. They came up with a brilliant idea to combine MURI’s supportive community of users with Japanese culture and innovative solutions. The master innovators created their own anime and manga that will have stories based on the whole MURI ecosystem. Talk about mind-blowing!
Innovation is a language that MURI has mastered. Why should you be paying close attention? MURI is unlike anything you have ever seen before in NFT. It is built on non-fungible tokens featuring 10,000 anime-inspired characters. You heard that right. This project brings with it a new kind of excitement. The characters are equipped with unique accessories and weapons and dressed in trendy fashion pieces. That has got hundreds of NFT wunderkinder sitting up and taking notice.
Be it the boast-worthy team of experts, love for constant innovation, the thrill of anime in an NFT setting, or a community-driven mindset – MURI is doing something right. The NFT world just cannot seem to get enough of this revolutionary new project!
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