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May 23, 2022, 10:00 ET
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NEW YORK, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yonder Media Mobile (YMM) has defined its strategy to build a meta-verse like environment for its users called the YOverse.
Since the release of Layer 2 ethereum-based private blockchain, that uses Horizon Fintex blockchain technology, and integration of a blockchain wallet in their mobile application, the company has witnessed an unprecedented interest in NFTs among its users in Mexico. In just three weeks since the product rollout, over 6,000 users have created a blockchain wallet which subsequently led to minting of 22.5K unique NFTs averaging about 7.5k per week.
22.5K unique NFTs in 21 days. How YO Mobile is democratizing NFTs for its users.
Brian Collins, Horizon Fintex CEO, commented that "This is the fastest uptake we’ve seen in NFT minting by a single platform to date! YO is perfectly positioned to attract a massive user base of (mobile subs) NFT fans, selling (initial/primary sale) NFTs to others in the YO-verse, and then having these NFTs re-sold (secondary sale) ad infinitum, with YO Mobile taking a sales commission from each sale (OpenSea charges 2.5%)."
The strategy for democratization of NFTs is based on the ability for YO app users to create NFTs from their user generated content without any gas fees on Layer 2 blockchain. Users can mint NFTs from pictures and videos and store them in their wallet as well as browse the NFTs created by other users.
The YMM development team is currently working on releasing an in-app NFT marketplace as well as NFT export to Layer 1 blockchains.
Nick Pavlyuk, YMM Technical Product Lead said, "It’s amazing to see that the product that we have designed has such a high adoption rate. One of our main goals while developing it was ease of use and seamless experience. It perfectly fits our mission to provide the best mobile experience that there is."
YO App users can also play a mobile video game Scurry, which rewards the gamers with NFTs. YO is also working on the release of YO Game Hub, an SDK solution that would enable game developers to easily include NFTs as unlockable rewards in any Unity-based mobile game.
About YO blockchain
YO Blockchain is based on technology developed by Horizon Fintech and is a solar-based carbon neutral blockchain.
About Horizon Fintex
Horizon Globex GmbH (Horizon) is a fintech company that builds and powers global securities and NFT exchanges with an integrated suite of Ethereum blockchain software for compliant issuance, management, and secondary trading of securities. Their in-house solutions combine Wall Street and Silicon Valley to power the next generation of securities offerings and trading in the U.S. and globally. Learn more at and
About Yonder Media Mobile
Yonder Media Mobile, Inc., is a Delaware, (US) corporation founded in 2018, with a team of 70+ brilliant creators, developers, builders, producers, product support, and managers, located in the USA, Mexico, and Europe. YO Mobile is a fast-growing mobile app under YMM which combines connectivity, content, community and commerce in a single mobile platform for the first time. It has over one million registered users in Mexico. Learn more at
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